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    ARDA, the exchange companies and developers paying for an insurance policy to cover their reps?

    Thanks for the laugh; as I’ve always suspected you have one oar out of the water Scoop (LMAO).

    How long has it been since you read the typical verification & acknowledgment statement anyway?

    Therein the buyers are told, initial and sign (at the bottom) that they are not to rely on or believe anything they are told. That if it isn’t in writing (in the contracts); whatever they were told, doesn’t apply.

    That is the developers out; a way to avoid liability and to pass on any possible failure to disclose problems.

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    Vallarta Vic

    Errors & Omission insurance?

    We don’t need no stickin’ policy!

    Besides, if you’ve been watching any of the major Cable News channels (all of them) the past few years and unless you’re rock stupid you would have noticed that lying has become tolerable, expected and is the norm.

    Remember Amigo’s:


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    Forget about it!

    Take the UP, pitch the Tour, close the Deal, hammer the Card and collect the Commission.

    Everything else is BS!

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    It’s comments by people like Alan who conduct themselves like Used Car salesmen that heavily stunt the positive growth of this industry. I’m tired of it!

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    I agree with Anonymous; Alan must go!

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