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    With a cabin in the woods, you actually own something. It is an asset. You can sell it. With a “bucket of points” (no one sells deeds anymore) you have to be your own travel agent. The obligation is forever. And the “asset” has no residual value.

    But, with a timeshare, someone will pick up after you. That’s a positive.

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    Didn’t Ted Kaczynski once own a cabin in the woods John (LOL)?

    By the way; rent hotel/motel rooms and try and sell those receipts my friend.

    FYI: I hate to be the one to tell you the bad news John but not all timeshare plans are forever; and as for “residual value”?

    Get a grip my good Man; we are talking about money that will be spend on accommodations – one way or the other!

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    The example presented of costing $16,800 a year to own a vacation home is something we all need to take to heart.

    My Aunt and Uncle actually own a Cabin up at Lake Tahoe (Cal side) but they usually only use it during the summer months and they are up there right now for the long labor day weekend.

    They rarely use it during the dead of winter and two years ago part of the roof caved because of the snow that piled topside.

    This I can tell you; they were not happy with the cost to fix that.

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    If people ask their closest friends or relatives to join them for a couple weeks at their vacation home they are going to get a lot of Yes’s!

    Same is true if people ask others’ to come along with them for a couple of weeks in (e.g.) Mexico, Europe, Orlando, Vegas or Hawaii etc. and stay in their 2 bedroom beach front timeshare condo. Again, few No’s.

    If, however, people are asked to buy a vacation home or a timeshare their resistance can be overwhelming.

    And what have we learned? The majority of people wouldn’t object to owning if they like, can use and afford (either).

    So why then are we always pitching to tours that have no need, can’t afford or are way to young and way to old to get the bang for their buck?

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