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    Good Morning All,

    Long time reader, first time posting.

    I don’t know when it happened but long ago a lot of developers bastardized the marketing and selling process of timeshares.

    Do what it takes to drag in the tours; say whatever it takes during the presentation to make sales.

    Just throw it against the wall and see what sticks; nothing else matters.

    But ya got to admit – it worked!

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    Great post & a fun read! IMPO the demographics of “who” has the money to spend are changing a lot faster than the industry. The middle class may be toast, but the new upper middle class, with Millennial aged two-earner two-college-degree households, has grown to ~20% of the population. These are the people who developers need to be selling TS to, and absolutely nothing about the current sales/marketing process appeals to them at all. Instead of adapting to the new buyer, developers have “gone low” like deep-subprime TS mortgages low. Want to reach the new upper middle class buyers? … Stop offering a gift (premium) for starters.

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    Doug is correct but should have added that every year for I don’t know how many years now ARDA and others put out reports and studies depicting who is buying TS’ers.

    The info includes buyers average age, % of households that are married, home-owners Vs renters, empty nesters, education levels and net worth etc.

    But despite all that evidence who do developers continue to market to; demanding that sales are made or heads will swing?

    Pretty much anyone with a pulse!

    Newlywed? No problem. Here’s some gifts, buy a timeshare!

    Nearly dead? No problem. Here’s some gifts, buy a timeshare!

    Cohabiting and just hooked up last month? No problem. Here’s some gifts, buy a timeshare!

    Just earned your college degrees and renting a studio? No problem. Here’s some gifts, buy a timeshare!

    Family of five grossing $50-K annually? No problem. Here’s some gifts, buy a timeshare!

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    The only reason marketing is ordered to bring in the masses is because by doing so the house (developers) win’s. It’s that simple.

    Timeshare marketing is like a gold miners filtration system; run enough mud through a sieve over a long enough period of time and the miner will likely strike pay dirt!

    Did you ever noticed that the only way developers increase their annual sales is by increasing the tour flow?

    Think about it!

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    Personally, and somewhat on topic; I think that because the big companies were suppose to save the industry but instead ruined it that the future would be a great time for new independents (timeshare developers) to come on board.

    And the first place they could start is by getting rid of the points system and bring back fixed time (red, white and blue weeks) with maybe fixed units and sell the inventory the way we use to sell.

    I would also make perpetual timesharing absolute or at least an option (only)!

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