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“If it’s about timeshare, it’s Inside the Gate!

‘Inside The Gate’ is a privately owned news and information service dedicated to freely and openly sharing news, information, stories, opinions, insights, tips, etc. that affect the marketing, sales and ownership aspects of the worldwide shared ownership industry.


NOTE: The GateHouse blog, hosted by, is a popular blog that among other things does a lot of work investigating various types of timeshare-related fraud for timeshare owners (at no charge). If you have a fraud-related issue you need help with contact “The Gatekeeper” at this email address rather than calling’s 877 phone number. “The Gatekeeper” is extremely busy but will get back to you as soon as possible.

For regular business issues, contact:

Craig Johnson
877-477-2900 (If you are calling from outside of the USA please use the following email address instead)

Bill Curtis
VP of Business Development, for all your marketing/advertising needs

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