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Colorado USA Timeshare News: June 15, 2013


DENVER: Attorney General John Suthers has sued Sea to Ski Vacations, Traditions Travel Group, and four members of the Wunder family who own and operate those travel clubs for — wait for it — being dishonest about the travel deals they sell. What a surprise. (Not!)

The Wunders involved in the alleged scam are Sea to Ski’s president Andrew Wunder (aka Mark Dutell), his wife Bethany, his brother Stephen (aka Stephen Andrews or Andrew Stephens) and his father Christian.

The attorney general said when they notified Sea to Ski of the state’s investigation, the company abruptly changed its name to America Travel Planners and Andrew Wunder continues to sell Sea to Ski memberships under the new name.

Colorado is seeking disgorgement, restitution, an injunction and penalties for deceptive trade and consumer law violations. Personally, I’m of the opinion the only thing that stops these kinds of operations is criminal indictments and serious jail time, but what do I know.

There is a long, detailed article about how the whole thing worked in Courthouse News Service which you’ll want to read if you don’t already know how most “vacation clubs” don’t work. It’s ugly.

Here’s what I’m idly wondering: Are these Wunders related at all to the John Wunder formerly connected with Arizona’s Aristar Resorts, Astoria Holdings, LLC (aka Beyond Marketing Corp.), and currently General Manager at Aurion Marketing Solutions? John and his brother Steve (coincidence?), nicknamed “the Wunder Brothers” in Arizona, created quite a stir in timeshare land a few years back during the Aristar scandal, and not in a good way…

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