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Spain Timeshare News: August 3, 2013


CANARY ISLANDS: By now I’m sure you must have heard about the arrests made last month on charges of timeshare fraud? The Drugs and Organised Crime Unit (UDyCO) of the Policía Nacional in Gran Canaria, raided the offices and sales decks of Voyager Travel, Lifestyle Holidays, Reclaimgc, Timeshare Refund Network and several others and arrested dozens of people (mostly Brits) for allegedly defrauding around 2,000 tourists since 2007 to the tune of around €5 million.

Charges seemed to center around the sale of bogus discount vacation club memberships. In total 74 people were detained and questioned, most of whom were released after making a statement.

It was a massive haul for the police and it all sounded good. You can get all the details at The Daily Mail. But hold your horses!

The Canary News is reporting that a judge has freed the remaining defendants (without charge) in the case and disqualified the conclusions of the police on the basis of “poor performance” and incomplete research. The lawyer for the seven remaining defendants (Eugen Friedrich Kaiser, Timothy Roberts Matthew, Luckau Jorn Peter, Yvonne James, Mark Misin, Paula Louise Beatson and Rodolf Antonius Mattheus), who had reportedly avoided making any official statements, claimed they were denied access to counsel and out they went.

The Canary News said this:

The magistrate pointed to procedural irregularities in the actions taken against the organised group, supposedly in order to protect the public from the alleged crimes of fraud and coordinated scams, as was stated in the original police documents, which the judge said completely disqualifies the police investigation leaving him with no alternative but to reject the claim and reverse any previously granted permissions to perform house searches looking for documentation of the alleged offenses.

He did however see fit to open an appropriate preliminary investigation to ascertain all the facts presented before the judicial officer in his court.

So there you go. This case is long from over and there’s even the possibility that all the “defendants” might get off scot free and continue along their nefarious ways. I guess this is another “stay tuned” moment.

Do click on that link to the Canary News and read the article. If it doesn’t make you roll your eyes there’s something wrong with you. 😉

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