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Nevada USA Timeshare News: November 9, 2013


LAS VEGAS: Michael Lewis, writing for Motley Fool, recently called Diamond Resorts “the Best Play on Timeshares”, mentioning the company’s steady rise in its stock price since its IPO a few months ago, along with top-line gains of more than 34% to $191.6 million in its third quarter financial report. Its hospitality and management services booked a gain of 12%, mainly due to two resort acquisitions completed during the summer.

“Vacation Interest sales,” he wrote, “commonly known as timeshares, exhibited very strong growth as well — up 48.5% to $123.7 million. Making up the bulk of Diamond Resorts’ business and revenue, vacation interest grew due to increased marketing and sales tours and a 36% increase in the average sale price.” There’s more to the story, of course, and you should read it if you’re an investor.

I remember several years ago when Fairfield Resorts was a public company (before it became Wyndham Vacation Resorts and ceased to be a stand alone timeshare company) that there were Fairfield members who also bought stock in the company on the theory that their profits on the stock paid for at least part of their membership fees. It seemed to work out pretty well for them, too.

I suppose the same scenario might occur with Diamond Resorts? Stranger things have happened.

Anyhow, thumbs up to DRI for their success so far and the positive mention in Motley Fool! approval smilie

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