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Mexico Timeshare FRAUD: November 29, 2014

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EVERYWHERE: This week I’m highlighting the following scam companies/names and providing some first-person stories to help show you how you’re being scammed. If you are contacted by or are currently doing “business” with any of these companies, email me at gatekeeper@insidethegate.com and I’ll give you the information you need for determining that they are, indeed, scamming you.

  • 111 Capital Management Corp. Click on this link for a rundown on this company, which is also known as CMC; 111 CMC; C.M.C.; and Capital Management Corp.
  • Trustee Services, Inc.: The BBB says: “BBB advises consumers to use extreme caution if contacted by a representative of Trustee Services who claims a connection with an escrow business by that name in the St. Louis area.

    “Based on BBB file information, BBB believes that the Trustee Services name and address have been compromised as part of a timeshare scheme to defraud consumers.

    “A representative of the Polsinelli Law Firm at the address 100 South Fourth St., Suite 1000, has told BBB that his firm does operate a company by the name of Trustee Services, Inc. at the same address. However, he said his firm’s Trustee Services is used as a trustee in foreclosure cases and is not involved in the Timeshare escrow business. The Polsinelli representative also said he has never heard of anyone named Alexander Cind, who has claimed to represent the escrow service company.

    “BBB file opened: 09/30/2014”

  • Lone Star Broker Inc.; Emily Vega at 512-394-4882; Lee Sanders, senior Broker
  • Lincoln Federal Trust (again)
  • Empire Brokers Services
  • Golden Management Property
  • HVC Highlands,LLC: Please note that this group, which falsely claims an LLC and address in Illinois, has apparently hijacked the name of a company belonging to the highly regarded Hyatt Residence Club, the developer of Hyatt Residence Club’s Highland Inn in Carmel, CA. The Hyatt entity is real and legitimate and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Mexico resale scams.
  • International Vacations Investments
  • Referrals Unlimited, Inc
  • Elite Star Connections Group
  • Liberty Title Insurance

AGAIN: These are all scammers! Do NOT do business with them!

Here are tales from some of the people affected by those companies.

A company named 111 CMC [Capital Management Corporation] contacted me offering a deal to rent 5 weeks of my timeshare in Mayan Palace. After the first contact, a title company contacted me (trustee services inc.) they are supposed to be based in St. Louis, MO. They are asking for an amount of 5125 USD to cover a 25% tax. To my surprise, this amount wasn’t taken into account in the first discussions I had with them, they argued that is necessary to transfer the funds. I just found on the net a document that 111 cmc used to worked with an Idaho title company that was ordered to ceased and desist because some documents were fake. Do you have any other info?



I got a call from Lone Star Broker Inc at West Willie Nelson Blvd. # 101 Congress Ave.,F loor 10, Austin,Texas. Emily Vega at 512-394-4882 called me saying that their compagny have a buyer for my Mayan Palace Timeshare of 2 weeks.They sent me a proposal that my wife and I signed.Then they sent us the actual contract with Lincoln Federal Trust in Denver,Colorado as the Escrow Compagny.The buyer was a Carlos Covarrubias Léano.The International Accountant was Alessandro Mancini of Lincoln Federal Trust.The Senior Broker at Lone Star was Lee Sanders.I called Lincoln Federal to verify if they were in Colorado.I was transferred to Alessandro Mancini who said he had the contract and that he had signed it. But I called Mayan Palace to verify and they told me it was a Scam. Lee Sanders never called us back to-day to conclude the sale.

This year I received calls from Empire Brokers Services in Austin,Texas and also from Golden Management Property in Houston,Texas to buy or sell our Timeshare.

Just wanted to let you know and you can warn others.

Note: While there is a company named Lone Star Brokers (plural), Inc. registered in Texas there is no Lone Star Broker (singular), Inc. Even if that were just a typo (which it is not), nevertheless it strongly looks like the name was appropriated to cover their tracks and sew confusion. That is a common tactic used by these scam artists. For one thing, the real company is based in Houston, the bogus company in Austin. Also, the names of the principals involved are not the same, and the address the bogus company gives is equally confusing: There is no “West Willie Nelson Blvd 101 Congress Ave”, nor is there a “West Willie Nelson Blvd 101” nor a “101 Congress Ave”, nor a “101 W. Willie Nelson Blvd.” Get it? Confusion… Let me repeat: THERE IS NO COMPANY NAMED LONE STAR BROKER, INC. IN THE STATE OF TEXAS. IT IS A FRAUDULENT COMPANY THAT EXISTS IN NAME ONLY!


Here is the latest twist from the Mexico timeshare liquidation scammers.
I was cold called by HVC Highland LLC, told they had a buyer for my timeshare and sent the attached by Referrals Unlimited INC

I looked up the Buyer (INTERNATIONAL VACATION INVESTMENTS) and the Referrals Unlimited INC web sites, they were there but looked thrown together recently.

The contract says closing costs are paid by the Buyer, but a clause in the Owner authorization section states:

If Owner(s) decides to cancel the liquidation of the Vacation Membership for no apparent reason, the Owner(s) shall be required to pay a Closing Cancelation Fee of $2,320.00 USD.

This is probably just the final blood they want they want to squeeze out of the turnip after all the other hidden costs have scared you off or exhausted your bank account and you just want out.

Thanks for keeping up the good work. Hopefully many folks’ retirement savings will be saved.


Hi there,
I recently was contacted by Lincoln Federal Trust regarding selling my time share in Mexico. Late this week they finally asked for funds for transfer fee upfront rather that deducting from the proceeds.
I’ve attached the email from them for you to take a look at as I’m thinking they are a fraudulent company.
Pleases take a look and let me know what you think.
Thank you,


Thank you for your website- it has provided me with peace of mind. Have you had any fraud claims with Elite Star Connections Group or Liberty Title Insurance? I was contacted and they are willing to pay me $132,000 for the rental of 10 weeks of my timeshare in Playa de Carmen for a PGA Tour stop in 2015. They have requested that I wire $2200 for a Trust Permit with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. The have provided me with wire transfer instruction to legitimate backs but I have not been able to find any information about the actual companies. Can you provide me with any help?

Thank you in advance for your help.

All of you need to be aware that you should expect to receive pennies on the dollar for your timeshare (if you can sell it at all) on the resale market. When just about any timeshare can be had at a very low price on the resale market there is no incentive for anyone to pay you the kind of money they’re promising. That’s the first BIG red flag that this is not on the up-and-up.

In this case, as in all of the others, there is no buyer; Elite Star and Liberty Title are fraudulent companies – they do not legally exist in their respective states and the addresses they provide do not belong to them; the people involved are scam artists; the documents they use are forged; do not under any circumstances send them any money!

What you need to do if you are a victim of a scam is contact the authorities:

  • Your local police; There’s little they can do, but it does provide an official record
  • your state attorney general’s office (or the equivalent if you live outside of the USA). Make sure to mention it is an international, multi-state scam so they can coordinate with other attorneys general
  • the FBI via IC3 (a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. The IC3 not only collects complaints but also analyzes them, links similar complaints, and discerns patterns in order to help law enforcement identify the scammers);
  • the US  Marshals Service;
  • Interpol – United States Central Bureau; Interpol’s databases help law enforcement see the big picture of international crime. While other agencies have their own extensive crime databases, the information rarely extends beyond one nation’s borders. Interpol can track criminals and crime trends around the world. They maintain collections of fingerprints and face photos, lists of wanted persons, DNA samples and travel documents. Their lost and stolen travel document database alone contains more than 12 million records. They also analyze all these data and release information on crime trends to the member countries.
  • the Department of Justice – Office of International Affairs; and anyone else you can think of.

It isn’t likely to help you get any of your funds back, but eventually it might help obtain some sort of justice in shutting them down/getting some of them arrested.

Again: CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SEE ALL OF THE POSTS IN THIS BLOG ABOUT MEXICO’S TIMESHARE RESALE/ESCROW/BANK WIRE SCAMS! If any of them resemble a scenario that applies to you, EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME, assume it’s a scam and walk away.

And if you still think that maybe your case is different and might be for reals, send me the details BEFORE you wire any funds to Mexico (or anywhere else) and I’ll check it out for you. Email gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Do you have tips or rumors you’d like to share (ANONYMOUSLY)? Something you’d like us to investigate or follow up on? CONTACT: gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

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  1. Anonymous

    We recently also got a call from an Emily Vega, claiming to be a broker at Lone Star Broker Inc , West Willie Nelson Blvd. 101, Congress Ave. Floor 10, Austin, Texas 78701, phone 512-394-4882 claiming to have a purchaser for our 2 week Grande Luxxe timeshare. I contacted our timeshare company, who confirmed that this was a scam. What to be aware of with this scam is that it is more sophisticated by assuring you that a certified check for payment from the purchaser would be sent to our bank and the bank would confirm receipt and funds BEFORE we would be required to pay 5% to Lone Star. This leads you to believe it is legit. ALWAYS check with your timeshare company regarding ANY unsolicited calls. You can be sure it is a fraud!


  2. Sjones

    I got a call from Lone Star Broker Inc at West Willie Nelson Blvd. # 101 Congress Ave.,F loor 10, Austin,Texas. Emily Vega at 512-394-4882 called me saying that their company have a buyer for my Mayan Palace Timeshare of 1 week. They sent me a proposal via email ( I can forward if anyone wants to see it) . I contacted Mayan Palace directly and this is a scam! Please be aware. Thanks for the website and keeping us up to date



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