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Texas USA Timeshare News: December 6, 2014

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HOUSTON: Apparently the previously mentioned negotiations for plea deals with James Jarive, his former wife Varda and current wife Jiwon didn’t work out. A trial date for the three, who are the only remaining defendants in the Jariv timeshare resale telemarketing fraud trial case, has been reset (again).

The pretrial conference has been reset for April 13, 2015 and the jury trial has been reset for April 21, 2015 at 09:00 AM in Courtroom 11C before Judge Lynn N. Hughes.

Indicted on charges of 1 count of conspiracy to commit mail & wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and 2 counts of conspiracy to launder monetary instruments, the Jarivs’ trial was scheduled to begin on October 7, 2014 but the prosecution filed an unopposed motion to set it back to sometime in December 2014 because the government and defense attorneys were trying to reach a deal that would avoid the necessity of taking up the Court’s time and resources with a trial and the government’s time and resources preparing to present the case.


To recap: James Jariv and seven others were arrested in Nov. 2012 in Las Vegas, NV but the case was transferred to Houston, TX where they were also wanted on the same charges. According to the indictment, between Feb. 1, 2011, and Jan. 31, 2012, the defendants would and did victimize approximately 1000 victims living in Canada and throughout the United States including the Southern District of Texas, and deposited into eight bank accounts approximately $6,925,137.04 in fraudulently obtained timeshare owner funds. Approximately $5,945,433.04 in victim funds were retained by, and subsequently transferred into, other accounts controlled by the defendants.

The Jariv companies were registered in various states, including Texas, Nevada, California, Illinois and Washington and conducted business at multiple addresses in Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Seattle, according to court records.

The defendants allegedly used mailing addresses or “virtual office suites” in Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago and Seattle for receiving monies from timeshare owners via U.S. Mail or commercial interstate carriers like Fed Ex, all the while maintaining call center offices in Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, and the greater Los Angeles-area from which the defendants, using telephones and email, contacted and communicated with timeshare owners, in an alleged scheme to defraud the timeshare owners of money.

The two conspiracy counts carry a maximum imprisonment of 20 years in federal prison but because the wire/mail fraud involved telemarketing that involved 10 or more victims over the age of 55, federal law provides for an additional 10-year sentence in addition to the sentence imposed for mail or wire fraud.

Meanwhile, the case against James Jariv concerning bio-fuel fraud in Las Vegas, NV is dragging along, too. That jury trial, which had been scheduled for December 1, 2014, has been continued to February 9, 2015 at 09:00 AM in LV Courtroom 6C before Judge Andrew P. Gordon. Stay tuned for news of that, too.

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