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Mexico Timeshare FRAUD: January 3, 2015





EVERYWHERE: Starting out 2015 with a bang, here are the names of the scam resale and recovery companies/agencies I’ll be exposing this week, some of which may have been mentioned in previous posts.

  • Premier Title Services, Inc, purportedly in St. Paul, MN
  • Realty 5 Inc., purportedly in Maple Grove, MN
  • Lone Star Broker, Inc., purportedly in Austin, TX
  • Lincoln Federal Trust, purportedly in Denver, CO
  • 111 Capital Management, purportedly in New York, NY
  • Twin Falls Title and Escrow, purportedly in Twin Falls, ID.

Note that some of those companies appear to be legally registered corporations or LLCs, but that is a smoke screen designed to fool you. In reality none of them are who they pretend to be and none provide the services they claim. More information follows below the squiggle.


Premier Title Services, Inc: There IS a company called Premier Title Services, Inc. registered in St. Paul, MN, but there are strong indications that the name is being used simply to give them an air of legitimacy. Look at its corporate history:

      Premier Title Services, Inc.
      Original filing: Jan. 28, 2003
      Administrative Dissolution: Jan. 17, 2006
      Reinstated Dec. 2007
      Administrative Dissolution: Jan. 2009
      Reinstated Nov. 22, 2014

The domain name for its website was only registered in Oct. 2014; it is brand spanking new and expires in Oct. 2015. The owner of the domain/website is listed as Arturo Jimenez in Guadalajara, MX. The address they use at 490 Temperance St. resolves to a condominium building named “Printer’s Row”. There is no office there, nor does Premier Title have a presence of any kind there. Scam

Realty 5 Inc. Working in cahoots with Premier Title, Realty 5 Inc. was a legitimate corporation, registered in 1977. However, it was administratively dissolved in 1991 and suddenly reinstated in June 2014. What that almost certainly means is that the name was used to make the scammers look legit. The address they use is a Regus business center, home to many virtual offices. Realty 5 does not have an actual physical presence there. The BBB has an alert for them, saying “On November 17, 2014, building management at the address claimed by the company informed BBB that Realty 5 is not located at that address.” Scam.

Lone Star Broker, Inc. While there is a company named Lone Star Brokers (plural), Inc. registered in Texas there is no such company as Lone Star Broker (singular), Inc. Even if that were just a typo (which it is not), nevertheless it strongly looks like the name was chosen by the grifters to cover their tracks and sew confusion. That is a common tactic used by these scam artists. For one thing, the real company is based in Houston, the bogus company in Austin. Also, the names of the principals involved are not the same, and the address the bogus company gives is equally confusing: There is no “West Willie Nelson Blvd 101 Congress Ave”, nor is there a “West Willie Nelson Blvd 101″ nor a “101 Congress Ave”, nor a “101 W. Willie Nelson Blvd.” Likewise, I cannot find a “101 W. 2nd St.” at the corner of Congress Ave. (2nd Street is the formal name of the street carrying the honorific name of Willie Nelson Ave.). Get it? Scam.

Lincoln Federal Trust A name associated with working in tandem with Lone Star Broker, Inc., Lincoln Federal Trust claims to be located in Colorado, but there is no business entity by that name registered to do business in that state. It does not exist. And this is kind of funny: On their website hey list 1776 Lincoln Street, 18 Floor, Denver, CO as an address, but the building actually located at that address (Denver Financial Centers Tower II) is only 13 floors tall. In their contracts they have corrected that to say their address is 1776 Lincoln Street, E. 18th Ave. Floor 11. (The BBB declares the Lincoln Street address is “falsely advertised”.) There are more reasons for knowing this is a scam, but really this should be enough to tell you not to do business with them. Their record clearly shows they are going to require you to wire money to Mexico, and you might as well just flush your money down the toilet; the result for you will be the same.

Twin Falls Title and Escrow This company was thoroughly uncovered as a fraud by the Idaho Department of Justice, who issued a cease and desist order against them in Sept. 2014. They had misappropriated the name of a legitimate company in order to perpetuate the fraud (sound familiar?), and Idaho frowned upon that. You should read about it at that cease and desist link. Since that time the scammers have mostly stopped using that company name, and the website has disappeared. Scam.

111 Capital Management Corp. I saved the best for last. CMC, or 111 CMC (they are the same) was the company working hand in glove with the Twin Falls company mentioned above. You will find the CMC name mentioned in that press release and with more information in this official document from the State of Idaho, Department of Finance, Securities Bureau where it states:

M.G. had received a copy of an “Exclusive Resale Agreement” between S.O. and T.O. and 111 Capital Management Corp., or C.M.C. M.G.’s contact with C.M.C. was Brandon Klein, phone number (212) 845-9388. The Exclusive Resale Agreement provided that Klein was to be a broker who would help S.O. and T.O. sell a timeshare in Mexico named Grand Mayan. TFTE was to be the escrow company for the sale.

That alone is enough to demonstrate that it’s a scam, right? But let’s go into the tall grass for a closer look, because this one struck my funny bone.

111 CMC is a legitimate company registered in New York in 1997. HOWEVER, as is frequently the case, that company’s corporate identity was misappropriated for fraudulent purposes. It’s a case of corporate identity theft. What’s so funny about that? Nothing, of course, except for some details.

For one thing, a quick trip through their brand new boilerplate website provided rolling eyes an giggles at some of the language used, which indicated someone for whom English is not their native language. For instance:

Up Front Fees?
If a company ask you for any up front fee is a highly to be scam. We’ll never ask any kind of upfront monies, we work for you and for you.

That made me chuckle, but here’s the real kicker: Their address. Keep in mind that this is supposedly a company dealing in timeshare resales/rentals, a brokerage company. The address they use is 891 Park Ave. Apt. 10, New York, NY. What’s that, their office address is an apartment? On freakin’ Park Ave.?

Well, 891 is a co-op apartment building on the Upper East Side of New York City, comprising 15 apartments on 15 floors, each valued at more than $1.5 million. As of April 2014 Floor/Apt. #10 (2 bedrooms, 3 baths) was listed by sothebyshomes.com for $1,999,000. I looked at the pictures, and it’s damn nice; I’d live there if someone wanted to give it to me. The average listing price for Upper East Side is $4,823,852, which makes the list price for 891 Park Ave #FL 10 a bargain. Still, that’s a pretty swanky address for 111 CMC, doncha think? It’s so ludicrous it made me LOL! Very funny

Lying sacks of s**t, all of them!

What you need to do if you are a victim of a scam is contact the authorities:

  • Your local police; There’s little they can do, but it does provide an official record
  • your state attorney general’s office; Make sure to mention it is an international, multi-state scam so they can coordinate with other attorneys general
  • the FBI via IC3 (a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. The IC3 not only collects complaints but also analyzes them, links similar complaints, and discerns patterns in order to help law enforcement identify the scammers);
  • the US  Marshals Service;
  • Interpol – United States Central Bureau; Interpol’s databases help law enforcement see the big picture of international crime. While other agencies have their own extensive crime databases, the information rarely extends beyond one nation’s borders. Interpol can track criminals and crime trends around the world. They maintain collections of fingerprints and face photos, lists of wanted persons, DNA samples and travel documents. Their lost and stolen travel document database alone contains more than 12 million records. They also analyze all these data and release information on crime trends to the member countries.
  • the Department of Justice – Office of International Affairs; and anyone else you can think of.

It isn’t likely to help you get any of your funds back, but eventually it might help obtain some sort of justice in shutting them down/getting some of them arrested. Keep in mind that many of the scammers are US Citizens, Canadians and Brits; they can all be prosecuted (including Mexicans) if enough evidence is collected by authorities and if they can then be located and arrested.

Again: CLICK ON THIS LINK TO SEE ALL OF THE POSTS IN THIS BLOG ABOUT MEXICO’S TIMESHARE RESALE/ESCROW/BANK WIRE SCAMS! If any of them resemble a scenario that applies to you, EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT EXACTLY THE SAME, assume it’s a scam and walk away.

And if you still think that maybe your case is different and might be for reals, send me the details BEFORE you wire any funds to Mexico (or anywhere else) and I’ll check it out for you. Email gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Do you have tips or rumors you’d like to share (ANONYMOUSLY)? Something you’d like us to investigate or follow up on? CONTACT: gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

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  1. Rather Be Golfing

    Here is a scam e-mail that was just sent to me from a company claiming that they can help return funds that were lost to a scam:

    Subprocuraduría de Servicios de Verificación is the entity appointed by P.G.R. to filter and conduct investigation on all victimized foreign vacation investment owners and present them to CONDUSEF for restitution. P.G.R. in conjunction with CONDUSEF have seized a number of financial accounts and real estate assets amounting in millions of dollars from a number of “Resort Marketing and Timeshare” call centers and scam offices involved in fraudulent transactions within the timeshare industry. We have attained catalogues with hundreds of unaware parties names that were violated through these fraudulent activities.

    It is unfortunate that we found your name and basic information through the attained catalogues. It has been confirmed that you may be eligible for restitution based on the information that was seized by P.G.R. At this time it is not known what dollar value you are privy to. We will need to instruct our verification department through allegation forms so that we have authority to initiate a formal complaint to be approved for restitution. We require your return documentation to move forward.

    Documentation required and attached is as follows:

    v Acuerdo de Autorización is not a binding contract, it is a statement of permission from you. It must be signed by the legal Membership holder so that we may proceed with measures to recover damages on your behalf.

    v Solicitud de Reclamacion is for detailing any losses or other related damages you may have suffered. This information is vital in determining the eventual remuneration you may receive. Please provide it on the designated document with accuracy.

    Please forward completed Acuerdo de Autorización and Solicitud de Reclamación with the required signatures included by fax or email.

    Lic. María González
    Dirección de Verificación
    Dr. Carmona y Valle 11, 4to, 5to y 6to Piso
    Colonia Doctores, Delegación Cuauhtémoc
    CP 06720, México, D.F.
    Tel. 52-5541-703710

    Watch out for these people. When you are down, they try to kick you even more!!



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