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California USA Timeshare News: December 17, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> WESTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

SACRAMENTO: If you’ve been keeping track you know that Juan Montalbo/John Monte, Marco Antonio Ramirez Zuno & Wayne Arthur York, who operated some pretty down-and-dirty timeshare scams in Puerto Vallarta, MX. were scheduled to appear before District Judge John A. Mendez on December 13, 2016 for a status hearing. That hearing has now been reset for March 21 at 9:15 a.m..

You may remember that the December hearing had been reset from the previous date of Sept. 20 in order to give the prosecution time to collate and Bates stamp the results of several email search warrants and to disclose those materials to the defense. All counsel therefore needed additional time to review discovery (some 5000 pages of it!) and to pursue investigation before the case was further scheduled.

Five thousand (plus) pages! The charges against the trio includes 22-counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in relation to a timeshare-resale scheme. For each of the three defendants that’s one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and 21 counts of wire fraud.

According to court documents, between 2011 and 2012, the defendants conducted a timeshare resale fraud scheme based in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Montalbo/Monte conducted sales meetings to convince prospective customers to purchase a timeshare vacation package marketed under the names Platinum Access Program or World Luxury Destinations. If customers had existing timeshare properties, Montalbo/Monte) assured them that another company, Continental Resources, would arrange for their sale. When the customers returned from Mexico, they were contacted by York (a/k/a Tim Hamick or Michael Halston), who claimed to represent companies named Property Marketing Group or Eagle Market Solution and claiming that a bona fide purchaser had been found who was ready to purchase their existing timeshares. Others were contacted directly by York without first giving their information to Montalbo.

According to court documents, Ramirez Zuno, a Mexican citizen, managed the Mexican bank accounts used in the fraud, trained co-conspirators on how to conduct the fraud, and managed the disbursement of the proceeds of the fraud.

The judicial processes involved in cases like this typically take a long time, so settle in for the duration. Will any or all of them cop a plea rather than face trial? Are they ratting each other out and spewing information about other grifters even as we speak?

We’ll find out eventually, and I’ll keep on top of it for you.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Peter Liken

    Thank you for the update on this.
    I was a victim.



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