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Mexico Timeshare FRAUD: December 31, 2016


EVERYWHERE: Here is one last warning from 2016 in which the Ohio BBB confirms what I’ve been saying for many months: It doesn’t matter what the name of a so-called timeshare resale company is; it doesn’t even matter if the company is a “real” company, because scammers are using business identity theft to make themselves seem legitimate.

The BBB Serving Canton Region & Greater West Virginia is warning consumers of a timeshare resale scam using Resort Owners Services, LLC name and former address. BBB has heard from consumers in PA, MI, NY and WI stating they were contacted by a representative from Resort Owners Services of 10150 East Pike, Cambridge, OH to purchase their timeshares. Note I covered this particular scam back in May, 2016. (Follow the link)

The consumers were given paperwork to sign and then asked to wire monies to a Mexican Bank to cover title searches, closing costs, etc. Once the transfers were complete, correspondence ceased and/or no more information could be received. BBB did note different title companies were used for the consumers. One consumer reports a loss of $22,500 in the scam.

BBB has been in contact with David W. T. Carroll, the statutory agent for Resort Owners Services, LLC and their legal counsel. He has stated the legitimate company was an internal organization that provided services to a family of membership campground resorts, but ceased operations in 2012 and has not been at the Cambridge address since that time. He stated the company never entered into any contracts with the public.

All that matters in these scams is how they operate because no matter what names they use they all follow the same basic framework. One you understand what that framework looks like you’ll always be able to recognize the scam behind it.

And how do you learn that information? Visit the following two links, which give you the information you need. And bookmark them in case you need a refresher later on.

The Mexico Resale Scam
How it Works

Knowledge is power! Be powerful!

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  1. Mary

    Dear GOD I have been scammed! I thought I was well informed I did my dudilegence and researched the scum bags. I called BBB, consumer affairs of Massachusetts state to see if any reports were filed against them. Checked online, yellow pages everywhere I could think of?
    Started with a company Travel Associates,DavidKohler who of course informed me that he had a buyer. So after doing my research I entered into a contract with them which led to True and Clear Title Inc., Leslie Banks the escrow officer. The contract they sent out looked so real and official of course thinking back on this ordeal which has lasted since October 2015! Each and every time they sent a new contract addendum seeking more fees, that I unfortunately believed and wired. I know everything I read said don’t wire anything but of course I wanted to believe i, even though after the first wire I knew and felt it was a SCAM!
    They even started to have other scammers get involved. Again checked them out, they used the names Agustin Guillermo Carstens, governor of Banco de Mexico and Manual Sanchez Gonzalez, Deputy Governor of said bank. I researched the Banco de Mexico and those indeed are real men there. They knew everything that I researched because when I questioned them they had all the right answeres.
    There has to be something to stop these people! They have strung me along for over a year, same receptionist answering my calls I’ve called from different numbers too. I’ve yelled and cussed them out telling them I know it’s a scam and still able to contact and email?
    They used some of the same things to get money from me I.E.. Rest fee to get out of contract, foreign registration, closing and administration fees, Fideicomiso closure fee, release of funds fee, reinstatement fee? Wire insurance fee, penalty interest fee because our money has been in account too long, lawyer fees for him to translate and his legal fees? His name is Fernando Valenzuela Pernas from law firm Belisario Dominguez Asociados S.C. Had a SAT seal. And again contacted by Manual Sanchez for more money to release my funds!
    I have a whole file if I could work with someone to try and stop these SOB’s!!!!!! I know this sounds like I’m a complete idiot uneducated dupe. They really have it down to the art of the SCAM. If there is anyone who could help please get in touch with me, they think I’m going to wire the next $10,000! I’m so imbarassed to admit how much I’m out, almost a years wages!


  2. Dan

    I think I am in the middle (or more likely the end) of one of these scams with Central Market Realty in Charlotte, North Carolina as the broker and Young & Associates in Atlanta, GA as the ‘escrow agent’. Both have current real estate / business licenses. The property management company in Atlanta verified that Young & Associates has been there for years. After wiring money to cover use fees for the 5-year rental period, taxes and SRE permit fees, all of which were to be reimbursed at the close of the transaction, this taking place over 8 weeks, they decided to cancel the transactions then said another deposit was required for taxes on the cancellation fees due me. Turns out the SAT official they said they were working with doesn’t work in the SAT or in the Mexican government. When I told Young & Associates this December 23, 2016, I have not heard anything back from them. I’m working on next steps now to report this.


    1. Dan

      a quick update… I just heard from the broker at Central Market Realty that they (with Young & Associates) are looking into the transaction. Hopefully they will make good on resolving this, but ‘proof will be in the pudding’… I will update if there is news.


      1. Anonymous

        I have been duped by Central Market Realty and Young & associates also .
        In fact I am out of approx $25 k so far and now Young and associates have indicated that anither $5k is required for the SRE fee thing. I cannot believe how stupid Ihave been sending wire funds to a mexico escrow place. Real dumb.!!!
        Anyway, I came accross your comments today (after some research , which I should have done earlier)
        What if any , recourse is there for us in this scam.
        My e-mail is csaini60@hotmail.com
        With a eply maybe we can exchange phone numbers and chat perhaps.


  3. Sherry

    Have you ever heard of Express Travel Solutions (ETS)? We believe they tried to scam us. They did get the $400 they gave us back and I think they fraudulently used one of our credit cards (which we did not have to pay.) The scam stories I’ve read about sound very similar. This scam or so we believe it to be started last spring, then today we got a call from them wanting to see if we were interested in renting out our Cabo San Lucas weeks they could get us up to $2,000 per week, and yes there would be a small fee associated with renting it for us. He said someone with more experience would call us later. I called back and found out it was the same ETS company as before. I think this is still a scam. Please advise if you know anything about them.
    Thank You.



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