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The Timeshare Grapevine: December 3, 2016


Is there any truth to the rumor— that Wyndham Vacation Ownership’s President/CEO Franz Hanning is retiring?

An announcement to that effect arrived in the form of an email to CLUB WYNDHAM Platinum Owners on Friday the 2nd. Is it for reals?

I’m posting a screenshot of the missive, but for those of you whose PC’s or mobile devices are not image friendly, here’s a transcript of the full letter:

    Dear CLUB WYNDHAM Platinum Owner:

    After three decades of service to Wyndham Vacation Ownership, I have decided to leave my current role as President and Chief Executive Officer to start a new chapter in my life — one that is focused on my family. I wanted to ensure that our CLUB WYNDHAM Platinum Owners were among the first to hear this news.

    Although I will greatly miss playing a role in delivering unforgettable vacation experiences, I am confident that the team at Wyndham Vacation Ownership will remain steadfast in their commitment to serving you. I’m pleased to let you know that Stephen P. Holmes, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Wyndham Worldwide, will be stepping in as interim CEO until a successor is identified. A timeshare owner himself since 1980, Steve is passionate about Wyndham Vacation Ownership and fully committed to the owners we serve.

    When I look back on my time as President and CEO, it’s it’s humbling to have been part of the steady evolution of CLUB WYNDHAM®. Among all of the exciting things that have taken place during my time with Wyndham, perhaps my favorite part has been getting to know our owners and realizing the meaningful impact vacationing can have on families through the years. It has truly been an honor to be part of your ownership journey with Wyndham.

    While this will be my last quarterly update, please know that we remain committed to continuing this email series. As a CLUB WYNDHAM Platinum Owner, you will continue to receive exclusive news and updates about your Club.

    I hope your ownership continues to provide you and your loved ones with priceless experiences that enrich your lives for years to come.

    Yours truly,

    Franz Hanning

Franz Hanning retires

Assuming this is true and not some elaborate prank, it seems rather sudden, don’t you think? Nothing about staying on while a successor is found or hanging around for a couple of years to help out, just a slam-bam-thak-you-ma’am I’m-outta-here notice. Thanks for dropping by.

Let the speculation begin.

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  1. Suzanne Allen

    An SEC filing on Nov 28 confirmed he will stay on until March 2017 to aide in the transition.s



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