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Nevada USA Timeshare News: January 28, 2017

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LAS VEGAS: A fellow named Daniel Martin Boyar, a.k.a. “Wolf”, was arrested Jan. 25 in Orlando, FL, charged with swindling more than 1,000 people out of more than $3.3 million in a timeshare resale scam. Taken into custody by the local police, he was subsequently surrendered to authorities in Las Vegas for trial under the jurisdiction of the State and Federal District of Nevada.

The indictment against him includes the following charges:

  • Count 1: Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud in Connection with Telemarketing
  • Counts 2 & 3: Mail Fraud
  • Counts 4 & 5: Wire Fraud

Names of the bogus companies involved included:

  • Holiday Advertising,
  • First Capital Financial Services Corporation,
  • Professional Concepts LLC,
  • TeleTeton Corporation,
  • Redline Funding LLC,
  • Great West Funding Incorporated,
  • Equity Financial Services LLC,
  • Beneficial Business Solutions,
  • Eastern Enterprises LLC,
  • Vacation Funding Partners LP,
  • Property, People, Travel, and Community Funding Corporation, among others.

The scam, which allegedly affected many elderly victims, operated under numerous company names and shell companies in other states as well as Nevada, according to investigators. As is common in this type of scam, Boyar would lease temporary office space under various fake names in states where front companies could direct victims to send payments and correspondence. According to the indictment, the objective of the conspiracy and scheme was for BOYAR and his coconspirators to cheat timeshare owners out of money by promising to sell the timeshares in return for the owner paying half of the costs associated with the purported sales in advance, a criminal telemarketing scheme commonly known as “the buyer’s pitch.” There were no buyers, and the timeshare sales were never arranged and never occurred.

Over the course of about two years, the scheme netted Boyar’s companies more than $3.3 million.

The indictment claims that Boyar and co-conspirators created a telemarketing company and registered it in the State of Florida as Holiday Advertising, operating in or near Orlando, Florida. Under Florida law, a telemarketing company and each telemarketer working for that company must be licensed through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (MACS). Boyar and his co-conspirators caused many of the co-conspirators acting as telephone representatives to register with FDACS as telemarketers working for Holiday Advertising.

In addition Boyar and his co-conspirators allegedly caused the FDACS-approved Holiday Advertising telemarketing script to be posted on the walls and in the cubicles as a cover in case FDACS or other law enforcement agents conducted a compliance inspection, even though they knew that the telemarketers would not and did not use the script and conducted no telemarketing under the name of Holiday Advertising.

Though Boyar operated the primary call room in or near Orlando, where he led more than five co-conspirators in the execution the scam. They also set up and caused other co-conspirators to set up businesses in states other than Florida, including Nevada, to serve as front companies through which they operated and concealed the scheme from victims, consumer protection agencies, and law enforcement agencies. Often using false identities, defendant BOYAR and coconspirators established the front companies by buying inactive companies, known as shell companies, that had been registered in the state concerned for at least five years. In some instances, defendant BOYAR and coconspirators registered the companies using false identifies. Those front companies included among others First Capital Financial Services Corporation in Nevada, and Professional Concepts LLC, TeleTeton Corporation, Redline Funding LLC, Great West Funding Incorporated, and Equity Financial Services LLC in states other than Florida.

Nevada will be the first state to bring the case to trial, but may not be the last. Note that Nevada BBB, which still carries a B- rating for First Capital Financial Services on its website, lists the following names as contacts:

  • Principal: Mr. Andrew Devaney, President/CEO
  • Mr. Robert Monroe, Lawyer for the Company as per Consumer
  • Mr. Michael Moore, Customer Representative

If those are the real names of real people involved, I would imagine they might be plenty nervous about now. As of this writing the company website no longer exists.

If convicted, Boyar could face up to 90 years in federal prison.

If co-conspirators are arrested and their names added to the case I’ll let you know. At any rate, keep your eye on this one; it might be a doozy!

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  1. David

    My research of this story produces no mug shot or image on Google of Daniel Martin Boyar. The headlines are great but would like to see a pic of the Wolf.
    These marketing schemes require a good attorney and are the work of very talented master minds. Just look at the shell company trail and the phone room setups.
    Imagine the same setups being used to peddle real good deals.




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