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Tennessee USA Timeshare News: February 11, 2017

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GATLINBURG: The good news is that Laurel Point Resort, an SPM-managed property, has reopened following the wildfire that raged through the Gatlinburg area last November.

The resort lucked out in a way, as the fire swept through the resort but only took out two buildings – the A building and the office (and the pool) – and left the rest standing. That was bad enough, but it could have been much worse.

Anyhow, following a couple of months of hard work all the remains of the buildings and the debris have been cleared, they’ve set up a mobile office, installed new door locks on all of the units and cleaned the interiors of all the remaining units as well.

They still have many months to go to restore the resort to what it was but essentially they’re good to go.

I swiped this photo from the resort’s Facebook page so you can see some of the results of their hard work so far.
Laurel Point A- building demolished

I haven’t heard yet if the owners in the A building voted to rebuild or not. Do you know?

Laurel Point has been very popular over the years, the kind of resort that owners return to year after year because they feel like family there. At least they still have somewhere to go!

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