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Timeshare Odds and Ends: February 11, 2017


Quick! What’s the difference between a sales-lead and a sales-prospect? A show of hands, please.

What? That’s pitiful. No wonder y’all think a 15% net closing ratio is acceptable. slap forehead

So what’s the Scoop? Is a 40+% closing ratio a possibility or just a hallucination? And what does the difference between a lead and a prospect have to do with it? And how can I get in on this secret? Find out at Scoop du Jour: Broke All Their Previous Sales Records

It’s all about family when it comes to traveling this year. According to a recent AAA survey, more than one-third of Americans (35%) are planning to take a vacation of 50 miles or more away from home involving two or more immediate family members this year.

While most family travelers (70%) are planning to take one or two vacations, there is a significant increase this year in the number of Americans who say they are planning to take three or more vacations. The 28% of family travelers who will take three or more trips this year is 13 percentage points higher than in 2016.

The old school family road trip (79%) and visits to national parks (51%) and theme parks (40%) remain the most popular types of vacations for families planning to travel this year. Trips to international destinations (33%), going on guided or escorted tours (22%) and ocean cruises (20%) are also popular with family travelers.

These numbers are just something to keep in mind as you timeshare developers and sales/marketing crews go to work during the upcoming summer season. You’re more likely than not to be facing a family than singles across the little round tables; plan accordingly.


Have you seen the world yet?

Where are YOU going this year?


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