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Ya Burnt! February 18, 2017


Welcome to the first (and maybe last?) edition of my new hit series invented for your amusement. If you’ve got a burn to share, send it on in!

T/Os who swagger over to a table and “close” a deal by tossing out a nosebleed-drop when they’ve barely sat down are one-trick ponies. They should no longer be allowed to call themselves “closers” and must forfeit any bragging rights. Still think you’re a god, hot shot? YA BURNT!

If you’re a sales manager whose idea of “training” is simply sending the new guy/gal on a “ride” with another under-skilled, under-trained rep, then you shouldn’t be surprised when the developer finds out what a fraud you are and sends you packing. You can always find gainful employment running an out-bound cold-call phone room selling HGH or some other snake oil, and that’s probably where you belong. YA BURNT!

If you are the Big Cheese running an entire TS sales and marketing operation but you never sold a week in your life or even “hauled a tour”, everyone knows you got the job because your nose is shoved up somebody’s behind. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that anyone in the trenches respects you for anything other than being able to stand the odor. YA BURNT!

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  1. Anonymous

    I’ve been in this biz for over 30 years – these things I read are 100 percent true, these type of people exist, and I’m amazed it continues today – I’m thinking of getting back into the biz for a while ( working vacation ) but I refuse to work around these type losers – FISH STINK FROM THE HEAD DOWN



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