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Weekly Wisecrack: March 18, 2017

stressed out

The Timely Payments Ruse With the house, car and insurance payments due and knowing that the cupboards and frig were nearly bare and the new baby needed formula and diapers, Tom was totally stressed out. Unfortunately Tom’s commission check was once again a tad on the short side because of that darn timely payments clause …

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Timeshare Odds and Ends: March 18, 2017

► Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, step right up and tell me where the carnival ends and the presentation begins. Are we presenting a valuable product and service to potential clients, enticing them to spend a great deal of money now and in the future to guarantee them wonderful vacation accommodations in amazing places …

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Weekly Jukebox: March 18, 2017

  Manny wants to hear some Steely Dan, and who am I to argue? According to Wikipedia (again, who am I to argue?) Steely Dan is an American jazz rock band whose music also blends elements of funk, R&B, and pop. Founded by core members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen in 1972, the band enjoyed …

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Alabama USA Timeshare News: March 18, 2017

>> MIDWEST AND SOUTHERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS BIRMINGHAM: Heads up, everyone, and not just in Alabama but everywhere you’ll find timeshare owners: BBB Serving Central & South Alabama is issuing an alert for a timeshare scam claiming an address in Mobile, AL. Pinebrook Resorts (pinebrookresorts.wixsite.com/pinebrookresorts) was brought to the attention of BBB by consumers claiming …

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Missouri USA Timeshare News: March 18, 2017

>> MIDWEST AND SOUTHERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS SPRINGFIELD: According to statements from the Springfield, MO police department, Valerie Lynn Williams, 27, was killed on Wednesday, March 1, during a domestic altercation. She was 16 weeks pregnant at the time and her unborn daughter also died. Valerie, who sold timeshare in Branson, was in the process …

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Texas USA Timeshare News: March 18, 2017

Train'Share Car 4 Bedroom

>> WESTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS: FORT WORTH: Ahhh, romancing the rails… I can almost feel the train wheels rattling beneath me just thinking about it. Are you a lover of train travel, too? Here’s the thing. There’s an outfit called America’s Trains, Inc. that is offering all-inclusive Journey by Rail vacations on luxurious rebuilt passenger …

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Ya Burnt! March 18, 2017

► The Ethisphere Institute recently recognized Wyndham Worldwide Corp. as a 2017 World’s Most Ethical Company®. Kudos for that! Now, I do understand that Wyndham Worldwide is a really BIG company with many parts and thousands of employees, most of whom are A-Okay; but one significant part that appears to lack ethical glory is Wyndham …

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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: March 18, 2017

QUOTABLE QUOTES: “Spring is Nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’” —Robin Williams With the first day of Spring falling on Monday, March 20, I’ve got a bad case of Spring fever, filled with ennui that prevents me from delving deeply into thought. So here are some timeshare pieces upon which to ruminate… Hilton Grand Vacations’ …

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Timeshare People on the Move: March 18, 2017

>> TIMESHARE PEOPLE ON THE MOVE: Scott Bahr has been named CEO for ResortCom International LLC, the pioneer in providing servicing solutions for the Vacation Ownership Industry. Scott has held leadership roles in a variety of industries including Hospitality, Healthcare, Automotive, Food and Beverage, and Consumer Durables. With an MBA from Duke University and more …

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