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New Jersey USA Timeshare News: March 11, 2017

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

CAMDEN: New sentencing dates have finally been set for Dennis Nadeau and attorney Joshua Gayl, the final two defendants awaiting their fate in the VO Group’s infamous timeshare disposal fraud case.

Dennis Nadeau is set for sentencing on May 11, 2017 at 10:30 AM.

RECAP: In Nov. 2014 Nadeau accepted a plea agreement to one count of Obstruction of Justice (witness tampering). The original charges against him accused him of “misleading conduct with intent to influence the testimony of four actual and potential witnesses in the trial of the U.S. v. Adam Lacerda et al.” In addition to attempting to prevent those witnesses from testifying, Nadeau himself then testified at the trial as one of Adam’s defense witnesses. Adam prepared him to testify and told him to tell two lies during his trial testimony. Nadeau admitted in his plea agreement that he complied with Adam Lacerda’s instructions and gave false testimony at trial. Details available here.

The offense carries a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison and a fine of the greater of $250,000 or twice the gain or loss caused by the offense.

Joshua Gayl, who was the house attorney for VO Financial (the successor company to VO Group), is due for sentencing on June 2, 2017 at 11:00 AM.

RECAP: Gayl pleaded guilty in March 2016 to one count of conspiring to obstruct justice during the 2013 trial of 5 defendants in the VO Group. Specifically, according to court documents he, Adam Lacerda, and others “misled witnesses, tried to improperly influence witnesses, contacted witnesses in violation of court-ordered bail conditions, made false statements to the court, and presented altered documents to the court in response to a trial subpoena, all in an endeavor to obstruct the due administration of justice in United States v. Adam Lacerda, et al.”

Gayl faces a maximum of 5 years in prison and a fine of the greater of $250,000 or twice the gain or loss caused by the offense.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Anonymous

    You are all such losers.


  2. Anonymous

    Ashley, June??????????


    1. BD

      Prob’ly time off for good behavior?


      1. Anonymous

        you can only earn 54 days of GTC per year. you dont get time off for “good behavior” in the FBOP. You end up serving 87% of your sentence, provided you don’t sneeze in the wrong direction and lose any.


  3. bam a bam

    Wow, seems like an excessively LONG time to wait to sentence Dennis.
    Ashley gets OUT in June and he’ll Just have been sentenced, Just seems ridiculous to me!



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