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Weekly Wisecrack: March 18, 2017

stressed out
The Timely Payments Ruse

With the house, car and insurance payments due and knowing that the cupboards and frig were nearly bare and the new baby needed formula and diapers, Tom was totally stressed out.

Unfortunately Tom’s commission check was once again a tad on the short side because of that darn timely payments clause and he wondered how he was going to juggle all those monetary commitments and make it to the next paycheck.

Being a talented, loyal, dedicated, enthusiastic, team-playing and hard-working person Tom, once again, found himself worrying about his family’s financial security and future and wondering if he should look for greener pastures or stick it out where he was…

The Weekly Wisecrack is an often snarky look inside the workings of the timeshare industry, usually but not always from the viewpoint of sales and marketing representatives. Do you have a different point of view? Leave your own caption in the Comments if you’re so inclined…
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