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Washington DC Timeshare News: April 29, 2017

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: The ARDA International Foundation (AIF) has released its most recent U.S. Shared Vacation Ownership Consolidated Owners Report. Generally considered the most reliable such report about timeshare owners, this one covers data from 2015, gathered and compiled in 2016.

Highlights of the report include:

  • There are currently about 9.2 million households in America that own a timeshare, with the average length of ownership being nine years.
  • They are ethnically diverse with 60% being White, 20% being African-American, and 14% Asian-American
  • About 63% have at least a four-year college degree
  • The median household income for timeshare owners is $81,311, much higher than the median household income of $54K for the U.S. on average
  • 53% of owners spent $10,000 or more on their timeshare.
  • Nearly half of timeshare owners indicate that WiFi (48%) and restaurants (46%) matter the most to them in terms of convenience items at a timeshare resort.
  • Seven out of 10 owners would recommend timeshare ownership based upon their experience
  • Over seven of 10 recent purchasers (71%) found their buying experience to be excellent or good.
  • On average, timeshare owners took more than three vacations in 2015.
  • Nearly 60% of timeshare owners either used their timeshare personally or banked/deposited their timeshare in 2015 for later use.
  • A large majority (77%) of timeshare owners took a vacation at a timeshare resort during 2015
  • Nearly half (48%) of all current timeshare owners plan to buy or upgrade a timeshare over the next two years.

Gee, according to those stats you’d think shared ownership is a good thing, wouldn’t you? Well guess what, bunky – it IS a good thing!

BTW, The report was conducted by Leger and commissioned by the ARDA International Foundation. For a copy of the full study, visit http://www.arda.org/foundation.

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  1. Mike Davis

    I have received offers for my timeshare at Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach in Cabo San Lucas. The companies that have made offers to purchase my timeshare are
    1. NEW YORK REGROUP in Hempstead, New York, 11550. Their web site is http://www.newyorkregroup.com. I received a sales contract from their closing attorney Mr. Luis Armando Fuentes Salazar, Servicios Empresariles Y Administrativos Carrere S>C.,
    Avendia Lazaro Cardenas #2505
    Colonia Central de Abastos
    Guadalajara, Jalisco C.P. 44570
    Toll Free: 01152-335-065-1063
    They wanted me to wire $2,400 in closing fees, legal fees, fiscal registration, Tax Clearance Cert., and resort transfer fee.
    They have since agreed to split the closing fees.

    2. I was offered $96,000 for my Presidential Suite by Danny Villa at Despegar.com. His number is 1-800-336-0261. Term of the sale does not include any pre- closing escrow money.

    Do you have any information on these two companies?


    Mike Davis
    501-680-4764 – Mobile


    1. gatekeeper

      According to New York State’s division of corporations database, there are 4 business entities registered in the state by the name of NEW YORK REAL ESTATE GROUP. The first was registered in 1996 and was dissolved in 1999. It was reinstated in 2001 and that one was dissolved in 2004. It was reinstated again in 2006, dissolved in 2011.

      The fourth one using that name is an LLC (the other three were Inc.’s). It is active, registered in July 2012 as a foreign LLC with an address at 323 W 96th St. PH13, NY, NY 10025

      The “about us” section on their website says the company was formed in 2005; well, it was certainly not registered in New York in 2005. Also, their website claims a copyright date of 2005, but it was only created on Feb. 2, 2017. It’s all bogus. Don’t believe them.

      Names aside, this looks like a classic resale scam. Frankly, names are irrelevant since the scammers change names at the drop of a hat, and often employ business identity theft to make themselves look legitimate. Read the information on this page “The Mexico Resale Scam” to learn how it works. Once you understand that, you’ll never have to wonder again because they all use the same basic format (with slight variations).

      As for Danny at Despegar, well the “Despegar Scam” is well known. You can find some information about them in the comments at this link (you’ll have to scroll to find it) and there is more discussion about them at Redweek.com which I think you will find helpful.



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