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Weekly Wisecrack: May 13, 2017

piggy bank

  Like sunshine, that rainy day shows up for all. Put something aside every payday and prepare for the inevitable because as the old saying goes, into every life some rain must fall. You can take that to the bank. The Weekly Wisecrack is primarily (but not always) a snarky look inside the workings of …

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Timeshare Odds and Ends: May 13, 2017

  ► Do you know your ABC’s? Can you recite them without singing them like you did in kiddiegarten? Can you say them backwards? Aw, c’mon! What could be so difficult about that? Say it with me: ABC, CBA, ABC — Always Be Closing. See how simple that was? I knew you could do it. …

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Weekly Jukebox: May 13, 2017

  Have you ever seen this before? If not you’re in for a treat. If you have, you’re in for a re-treat. Bambi Meets Godzilla (1969) is a cartoon created entirely by Marv Newland. Less than two minutes long, the film is a classic of animation —#38 in the book

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Timeshare Financial News: May 13, 2017

  FORT LAUDERDALE: BBX Capital Corporation has reported its financial results for the three month period ended March 31, 2017. Since the company’s primary source of income is Bluegreen Corp. (a.k.a. Bluegreen Resorts, Bluegreen Vacations), I’ll give you those highlights here. (They’re looking pretty solid, by the way!) First Quarter 2017 Compared to First Quarter …

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Florida USA Timeshare News: May 13, 2017

>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS FORT LAUDERDALE: Alan B. Levan, BBX Capital Chairman & CEO, must be a happy man these days. The dark cloud alleging all sorts of impropriety that’s been hanging over his head for the longest time has finally cleared and everything resolved. By that I mean a federal jury has rejected …

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New Jersey USA Timeshare News: May 13, 2017

>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS: CAMDEN: Last March I informed all y’all that new sentencing dates had been set for Dennis Nadeau and Joshua Gayl, both of whom were participants in the VO Group/VO Financial timeshare disposal scam. Nadeau’s sentencing date was set for May 11, which was this past Thursday. Gayl’s sentencing date was …

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Hawaii USA Timeshare News: May 13, 2017

>> WESTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS: BIG ISLAND: Marriott Vacations Worldwide has opened its long awaited resort in West Hawai’i to guests, and early reports are exceedingly positive. They like it plenty! The new Marriott’s Waikoloa Ocean Club, overlooking beautiful ‘Anaeho’omalu Bay, consists of 112 one- and two-bedroom suites and it came on-line right on schedule. …

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United Kingdom Timeshare News: May 13, 2017

>> INTERNATIONAL TIMESHARE NEWS MANCHESTER: Regarding last week’s report on the subject of the defamation lawsuit TESS (Timeshare Exit and Support Services) apparently won against TATOC (“Timeshare Association for Timeshare Owners and Committees”), I’ve had some time to think since then and wander around in the Internet to see if others are talking about it …

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