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New Jersey USA Timeshare News: May 13, 2017

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

CAMDEN: Last March I informed all y’all that new sentencing dates had been set for Dennis Nadeau and Joshua Gayl, both of whom were participants in the VO Group/VO Financial timeshare disposal scam.

Nadeau’s sentencing date was set for May 11, which was this past Thursday.

Gayl’s sentencing date was and still is June 2, 2017.

Well, as of Friday afternoon, May 12, the court’s online docket report showed no update from last March, so I’m afraid I have nothing to report on Nadeau’s sentencing. Has the sentencing date been reset again? Or is the person who is responsible for keeping the information online up-to-date slacking off? 😉

I’ll keep checking for updates and as soon as I know anything I’ll let you know.

Nadeau, btw, pled guilty to Obstruction of Justice (witness tampering). Gayl, who was VO Financial’s house attorney, pled guilty to one count of conspiring to obstruct justice.

Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Nadeau has been sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 3 months and 3 months Home Confinement, followed by a -3-year term of supervised release with special conditions. He has been ordered to surrender himself to the institution at the date and time designated by the Bureau of Prisons.

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  1. BO Group

    Did Joshua get sentenced? I’m curious to know what happened to him


    1. gatekeeper

      Not yet. Stay tuned.


  2. gatekeeper

    Dennis Nadeau has finally been sentenced. Look for the red UPDATE at this link. That means that once Joshua Gayl has been sentenced the VO Group/VO Financial fraud case will finally be finished – except for the appeals filed by Adam Lacerda and Ian Resnick.



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