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California USA Timeshare News: June 17, 2017

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LOMPOC: Don’t look now, but convicted grifter John Aurelio Cuda, aka Antonio Copella (variant spellings of Capela, Coppela, Capel and Cupel) was released from prison on June 6, 2017 and heaven only knows where he is now.

Cuda was serving the remainder of a sentence for mail fraud, bank larceny, and conspiracy to commit bank larceny that dated back to the 1990s, when he and his younger brother Richard were remanded to prison. Richard served his time and was released on May 4, 1996. John, who got a longer sentence of 70 months (with a projected release date of Sept. 30, 1999), decided NOT to serve out his sentence and escaped on the same day his brother was released.

Having made their way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, using fake papers they became the masterminds of the Belair, Hotel U, grand Miramar and other timeshare frauds. Cuda was discovered by Immigration via his fingerprints in Mexico and was extradited to the USA in early 2014 to finish serving that sentence.

Unfortunately, he has apparently not been charged for any of the crimes he is accused of committing while in Mexico, and as far as I know his family is living there still, probably working similar frauds. Or maybe Mexico will finally do their job, since they know full well what he and his family were up to there, having arrested him and his brother on charges of real estate fraud but freed them on $1 Million bail prior to shipping John off to the States. You can read the story of that arrest in this 2013 article in PrensaGlocal.com (in Spanish).

Where are they now? Will they ever answer for the crimes they’ve allegedly committed in Mexico? Considering their past “indiscretions” it’s difficult to imagine them doing anything on the straight and narrow to make a living.

If you want the down and dirty on this bunch, visit this link. You might want to have a vomit bag available… You stink And you can get an idea of what John Cuda looks like at this link (he’s the guy on the right).

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