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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: June 17, 2017

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Jeff Weir, Redweek.com’s Chief Correspondent, recently responded to a question about the state of the timeshare resale market with a rundown of some marketplace trends per the company’s research, and the information posted on the website is encouraging.

For instance The following trends were noticed for the first five months of 2017, as compared to the same period of 2016:

  • Timeshare resale closings, overall, are up 46 percent
  • Resales of timeshare weeks rose 47 percent, while points resales increased 35 percent
  • Ninety percent of all resales involved timeshare weeks

He also noted that according to the brokers they interviewed, “…buyers are willing to pay higher prices for timeshare resales from owners who are members of the most well-known clubs (brands) and have intervals at outstanding vacation spots. Disney is the runaway leader among favored clubs, followed by Marriott, Westin (Vistana), Hyatt, and a slew of other brand names. The most popular destinations are predictable: Hawaii, Aruba, California, and Mexico.”

That is not really a surprise, right? But their tracking system is showing something interesting going on recently. According to the article, on the West Coast many buyers are purchasing legacy timeshares in California’s northern San Diego County (Carlsbad), likely due to its popularity among California residents who want to drive to their seaside timeshare. If only all legacy resorts in the country were that popular (and well managed), amirite?

On the other side of the country buyers are flocking to timeshare resales on the Caribbean island of Aruba, which is also easy to get to, has well-managed resorts and is one happy island besides.

There’s a lot of valuable information in that article that goes way beyond what I’ve quoted here. You should read it and take heed: What’s happening in the timeshare resale market?

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