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Timeshare Odds and Ends: June 17, 2017


Is there a lawyer in the house?

If I own an apartment building and I know that the structure is unsound but I don’t notify my renters, well I’m pretty sure I could be in big legal trouble if the building fell down. Right?

Or, if I owned a hotel and knew for a fact that staff members were stealing from the guests but I took no steps to stop it or alert the guests, well that could be problematical, too, right?

So what’s the Scoop? What if I own a timeshare resort and I know for a fact that thieves are targeting my owners/members and stealing thousands of dollars from them but I take no steps to warn those owners/guests so they won’t become victims? Am I liable for their losses? Am I at least a little bit morally/ethically responsible? Could a good attorney make a case? See Scoop du Jour: Can an HOA or Developer Be Held Liable?


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