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Weekly Jukebox: July 15, 2017

Blue mic


Tomorrow, July 16, Game of Thrones comes back on HBO for its seventh season. Will the various warring factions somehow join together to defeat the White Walkers? Who will lead them? Who will be on the iron throne at last? Will Jon Snow learn of his true ancestry as both Stark and Targaryen? Will he and Arya join with Daenerys in her quest to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Will Little Finger continue to pursue Sansa in Winterfell? What about the incestuous Cersei and Jaime? Will Tyrion be the last Lannister standing? What part will Bran Stark play and is he a time traveler? Brienne of Tarth? Samwell, Lord Varys, Jorah, Grey Worm, the Hound and the Mountain? Who will still be alive to participate in the series final, Season 8, next year?

Whether you’re a devoted fan or don’t know what I’m talking about, here is an extended Season 7 trailer (5:20) that’s actually 3 trailers in one for you to watch over and over again.

“When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

Oh baby oh baby!

What are YOU listening to tonight? And what would you like to see here?

The Weekly Juke Box aims to feature good music/good fun regardless of era or genre. Send in your own favorite and if I can find a good version on YouTube I’ll post it for you! What would you like to see or hear? gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

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