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Texas USA Timeshare News: October 7, 2017

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse >> WESTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

FORT WORTH: Remember the outfit called America’s Trains, Inc. that I told you about last March that’s offering all-inclusive Journey by Rail vacations on luxurious rebuilt passenger railroad cars?

Well they’re getting ready to roll!

There are three ways to enjoy Journeys by Rail: Individual Journeys; Train’Shares (timeshares); Fractional Interest ownership. And one of the cool things, IMO, is their term conditions. Train’Share ownership is for a 10 year ‘Initial Term’ or can be ‘Perpetual’. Owners have annual, biennial, or more frequent rights to individual Journeys by Rail. Currently, according to their website, the total per person per day cost of Initial Term Train’Share Journeys over 10 years is about $376, including the annualized retail purchase price of $19,800 plus Fees. The cost for a Perpetual Train’Share Journey is around $308, compared to around $800 for individual Journey by Rail fares.

The company is affiliated with RCI for exchange purposes.

Now, don’t think you can ride this train wearing any old raggedy clothes you find most comfortable. You will be expected to look and act like respectable adults. Check out their requirements for proper attire:

Daytime attire is ‘resort casual’. Typical woman’s wear may include a sundress, long or short skirt, casual slacks or nice jeans, walking shorts, t-shirt without controversial slogans, polo shirt, casual button-down blouse and equivalent attire. Men’s attire should be casual slacks or good jeans without holes, cargo or Bermuda shorts, plain t-shirt without controversial slogans, polo shirt, casual button-down shirt, sweater or equivalent attire. Flipflops, worn looking tennis shoes and ‘tired’ sandals should be avoided. – Typical evening attire is ‘dressy casual’ . Apart from events immediately following off-car and normal extended on board daytime activities when daytime attire is still being worn, dress casual attired is suggested. Woman’s wear can include a skirt and attractive top, stylish pants outfit, nice jeans with dressy top, suitable matching footwear, or equivalent attire. Men’s shirts should be dress, casual button-down, open-collar or ‘spiffy’ polo style, with slacks or nice jeans; a sport coat or blazer is optional. Non dressy tennis or very casual shoes and sandals should be avoided. – ‘Sophisticated casual’, a step up from dressy casual, is suitable for a ‘white glove’ dinner night, ‘Rail Baron’s Reception’, special off Car restaurant dining, or other more formal affairs. Women can wear chic, spiffy cocktail attire. Men’s clothing should include dress pants and button down or stylish shirts, with or without a sport coat or blazer. Both women and men may want to improvise to feature individual personalities. Footwear should match selected attire. – ‘Outdoor clothing’ should be suitable for expected activities and climates on different routes. Comfortable walking shoes are normally needed. Sun lotion and hats may be desirable. – Not permitted attire while on board Cars includes swimming suits or excessively revealing womens wear. Men must wear tops in rail Car public areas.

Ten years of romancing the rails throughout the USA and Canada, all-inclusive, in luxuriously upgraded retro rail cars. Won’t you feel like you’ve arrived in a more nostalgic past? Inspector Poirot, anyone?

I think they’ll make it, what do you think?

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