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Timeshare Odds and Ends: October 7, 2017

They said it couldn’t be done… When trains were introduced in the U.S, many people believed that “women’s bodies were not designed to go at 50 miles an hour,” and that their uteruses would fly out of their bodies if they were accelerated to that speed.

A Boston paper once declared there was no need to transmit a human voice over wires and anyhow it couldn’t be done.

“Not within a thousand years will man ever fly,” declared Wilbur Wright, who later conducted the first successful flight at Kitty Hawk.

In 1943 Thomas J. Watson, chairman of the board of International Business Machines (IBM), said, “I think there is a world market for about five computers.”

And then there’s this quote from Amelia Earhart: “Never interrupt someone doing something you said couldn’t be done.”

So what’s the Scoop? Today you can travel the world on The World, which naysayers in the beginning of this century said was doomed to fail. What does The World have to do with shared ownership, marketing and sales? Plenty, actually. Scoop du Jour: Psst, Ya Lookin For A Good Time?

Hurricane Nate Heads up! In a hurricane season that is already one for the record book, Tropical Storm Nate, which killed more than 20 people on its way past/through Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Cozumel/Cancun, MX., has now intensified into Hurricane Nate and has set its eye on a Gulf Coast landing to the east of New Orleans. Even if Nate doesn’t intensify beyond a Category 1 storm it will remain very dangerous; the Gulf coast from New Orleans to Lake Pontchartrain and Grand Island, Louisiana, eastward to the Alabama-Florida border is under a hurricane warning and somewhere along that line someone is going to take a direct hit.

Fortunately the storm is moving very fast, which means it won’t be lingering as it drops its rain, which is somewhat of a saving grace. By the time you read this we’ll probably already know where it landed and how bad it looks.

We’ll keep our eyes on you. Good luck and keep your powder dry!

Have you heard? Diamond Resorts International® has announced that the company will match all new donations made in 2017 to the Diamond Resorts International Foundation, a recognized 501(c)(3) organization, up to $1 million. Funds raised will provide assistance to those affected by the recent violence in Las Vegas, and to team members and communities impacted by hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Donations can be made via check and sent to the attention of Keri Serrano at the Diamond Resorts International Foundation at 10600 West Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89135. If desired, donors can identify which relief effort they would like funds to be designated to in the memo section of the check. Diamond Resorts team members in the U.S. can also choose to donate via a one-time or reoccurring payroll deduction.

Diamond Resorts International Foundation is a 501(c)(3) exempt public charity. The Foundation has raised more than $2.3 million for Florida Hospital for Children since 2013, with help from the company’s signature golf tournament, the Diamond Resorts Invitational™. In 2014, the Foundation was also able to provide disaster relief to distressed employees in the Los Cabos, Mexico, area following widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Odile, and more recently to those affected along the east coast of Florida by Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

As I mentioned last week, Stephen Cloobeck, the company’s founder and former owner, pledged $400 thousand of his own money to a GoFundMe account to help support the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas and their families. The donation was originally made anonymously but things like that have a tendency to get out and ultimately Cloobeck’s identity was made public.

So KUDOS to DRI and Mr. Cloobeck for their generosity in a terrible time.

It’s a GOOD thing!


Have you seen the world yet?

Where are YOU going this year?

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