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Timeshare news 24/7THE GATEHOUSE: Published Every Saturday. The GateHouse is a blog for and by timeshare insiders, a watering hole where everyone can kick back, share tips, facts, ideas, gossip, venting, speculation and editorial comment. Let it all hang out! Open All Night. No shirt, no shoes, no problem. Leave your tips at the bar…

If you have info, tips, rumors, etc. you would like to share anonymously, contact

Timeshare Scoop du JourSCOOP DU JOUR: PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY, Scoop covers an array of industry related subjects each week including inside information, tips, scandals, interviews and forecasts as well as new (good or bad) products and services— and, of course, all the ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Ugly’.

Stay tuned for what is sure to be a fun ride and check back to Timeshare Scoop du Jour each week for more of the inside scoop. Email Scoop at

On The RoadON THE ROAD/TIMESHARE TRAVEL:“On the Road”” is a compilation of destination ideas, resort reviews, timely news about travel deals and events, videos and more gathered from a variety of sources that includes our readers.

The purpose of this section is to showcase some of the magnificent places in the world to visit, to give you an idea for someplace to go that you might previously not have thought of or known about. In many cases, but not all, we have provided a brief overview of a timeshare resort in the spotlighted area. Most of those resorts are either RCI Gold Crown or I.I. Premier quality. However, these resorts are not usually the only timeshare resorts in the area; be sure to check in your exchange catalog for a complete listing of available resorts. Check it out– enjoy yourself, go somewhere new this year!

And if you have something you’d like to contribute– a resort review or favorite destination– we welcome you with open arms! You can find our Contributor Guidelines here.

Have you seen the world yet?

Email:, and reference On the Road in the Subject line.

OFF TopicOFF Topic: PUBLISHED EVERY MONDAY, just for the fun of it! Want to talk Politics? Got some News of the Weird? The cutest, stupidest, funniest, bestest video you ever saw in your life? A good rant that shouldn’t go to waste?

You never know what’ll turn up in OFF Topic… If you have something way off topic you’d like to contribute, email

773285_trabajo_2GUEST COLUMNISTS: A potpourri of timeshare & travel related subjects, included here are articles about sales & marketing, legal issues, destination-specific news, advertorials; our “On the Road” series, and more, written by a variety of knowledgeable guest columnists. Also included are opinion pieces and letters to the editor.

If you have something you’d like to contribute, email We’d love to include you!

(If you would like to contribute an article or opinion without using your real name just let us know and we will use a nom de plume as your identifying pen name.)

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