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    Peter Gunn

    In Re: Government ShareCare

    “Will timeshare developers soon be providing health care plans for their 1099 sales agents as some do for their ‘employee-status’ sales reps?”

    Hopefully, but I agree that the developers “will likely raise their bottom line.”

    Due to extensive litigation regarding the misclassification of employees as “independent contractors,” the IRS has previously ruled that Timeshare sales persons, albeit licensed, are not independent contractors unless they hold a full Real Estate license (not a Timeshare sales license) and there is a difference.

    The industry may not eliminate “SPIFFS snd bonuses,” but they too will be reported as taxable income.

    In fact, the IRS has designated this year (2010) to randomly audit tens of thousands of organizations that misclassify their employees as independent contractors, the Timeshare industry being one of those “random” targets.

    The days of the 1099 form for Timeshare sales persons is over! Unless, of course, the individual holds a full Real Estate sales license.

    U.S. Cracks down on “Contractors” as a tax dodge.

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