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    Alright, some fun at LAST!!!! something new to talk about around the water cooler. That rapture thing, your going to offend a lot of people with that one, hahahaha, you know alot of tsers are conservative and or rapturists and they’re going to think your making fun of them. But I’ve gotta say it made me laugh out loud.

    As far as who’s hot or not, you didn’t mention Diamond Resorts. They’re still trucking along looking to get bigger, tho they’re lean and mean in the sales tracks department. If they buyout ILX’s assets they’ll have some nice new properties to add to THE CLUB (or sell off, depending on there intentions)

    See you next week?

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    Where did the jobs section go? Who’s hiring?

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      Tom– Can you work in Mexico? Email me:

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    So Marriott is going to basically turn their back and run; but I’m all for that as I remember the years before they jumped in the game when the top Exec’s at Marriott (and other ‘Brands’) bad-mouthed TS!

    Then, after we all made this a hot industry they FINALLY, jumped in and rode the gravy train.

    Of course they have to ‘cut-back’ (now) because they never did have the spine to ‘sell’ the deal and instead copped the ‘We’re Marriott’ attitude so naturally you’ll buy from us….’

    But you all watch, ‘if’ the second wave of this depression hits as hard as some are predicting the Marriott TS division will fold like a cheap deck of cards….

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