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    BW on ARDA


    I read the post about ARDA and the first image that came to mind was that there is a Whore amongst us!

    Since the recent US Supreme Court decision establishes, by law, that Inc.’s etc. are considered a person then the two following definitions of being a Whore would absolutely apply to ARDA.


    “A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain.”

    “A venal or unscrupulous person.”

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    Family Guy

    I think BW’s take on ARDA is a bit harsh. There’s a lot ARDA can legitimately be criticized for but calling them whores is over the top. The fact is that for all its shortcomings, without ARDA’s lobbying the timeshare industry would be a lot worse off in many ways, and that includes for ts owners/members even though they aren’t the main focus of the organization. On tax and regulation matters alone ARDA has had a huge positive impact on the industry over the years.

    That said, allowing the so called postcard companies, certain vacation/travel club outfits, some resale companies and the like to be members is not worth the money to ARDA that they pay to be members, precisely because they spend all their time with consumers slamming timeshare, telling everyone how bad timeshare is, what a huge mistake it is to buy timeshare and so on and so forth, all the while bragging about belonging to the American Resort Development Association to give them credibility. It’s an oxymoron at best. ARDA ought to clean out the barn and put some kind of limits on who is accepted as members, but of course they won’t.

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    Reminds me of the story about asking someone to sleep with you for $100 and they refuse. Then you up the ante to $500 and the person still refuses so the anti is up’d again and again until finally a price is agreed on!

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