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    I am writing to express our dismay and displeasure of the way the invitation we received for the Annika Sorenstam and Carolyn Wente wine tasting event on 4/12/2010 was handled. The invitation I received reads:

    “You may share this invitation with three additional guests at your discretion. The favor of your reply is requested. Please call 415.247.1140 or email kensey.teubner@ritzcarlton.com.”

    Yet, today when I called to reply that we and our two invited guests (total of 4) will be attending the event, we were told by Ms. Teubner that the event was sold out and the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club SF couldn’t accept any more guests despite there was NO date requested for our RSVP per our invitation.

    We found the handling of this event by the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club quite unacceptable because you cannot send out formal invitations to people by mail and then rescind it later because you realize that you had sent out too many invitations. This is the luxury Ritz-Carlton brand and to mishandle the invitation of an event like this is mind boggling.

    We are extremely appalled by the way the Ritz-Carlton Destination Club San Francisco just nonchalantly told us who received FORMAL invitation through the mail that since the response was so overwhelming, now we are NO longer invited despite there was no deadline for RSVP listed on our invitation. This is NOT acceptable for a destination club of your stature.

    We’d request that you add our names to your confirmed guest list and consider moving the event to a bigger ballroom to accommodate all the people who had received invitations such as us.

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