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    you ask if anyone knows Robert William Mckelvey. Well I do. Unfortunately. Its scum like this that ruin our communities, but not without the help of the local sherifs dept and the Court system.
    This couple has a rap sheet two pages long. They have lived on the Island of Hilton Head since at least 2006. They have literally stolen from at least 3 good intentioned Landlords and set up a Meth Lab (not proven) in a couple of them.
    They continue to be blessed (well not anymore since both have been arrested) in living 6 months of the year for free in well to do Condos, thanks to the laws of South Carolina and the pathetic Court system. How do they do this. They pay for 3 months, then they stop paying. At this point it can take at least three months to get them out if not longer because of the eviction laws. Or more matter of fact-ly, because the Blufton Magistrate extends them an extra month (there by changing the court date from March 31s to April 28th), because they choose to not answer the door when the Sherif comes to serve them. Thus they have not been officially served. Instead, the magistrate sends a certified letter as her last attempt to serve the criminals at large. Hey, I have an idea Mrs Magistrate. Why don’t you just look up their court records and see that they do this for a living and then grant the first eviction court date so that the ‘good people’ whom pay taxes and abide the law can get their condo back instead of alloying the criminals (and in this case fugitives) to crap up the place with their drugs, alcohol and disrespect while terrifying the poor neighbors.
    Better yet, how about the Sherifs dept do their job. These people were reported 3 months ago for suspicious drug activity. Hmmmm, I wonder if a simple data base search by our local law enforcement might have found them on the National data base for Nevada County, CA most wanted list. I dont know, but what I do know is that it took me all of 3O seconds to google it and find their pleasant MUG shots plastered on the front page of the most recently updated April 5th, 2010 Nevada County Web site.
    Ever since they came to the Island, they have represented that they have worked as Time Shares sales people for Spinnaker resorts (on Hilton Head Island). Makes you wanna go out and buy a timeshare doesn’t it. I would be really interested to know if Spinnakers really allowed them to work their. Certainly they know about their criminal records in the Beaufort County area. If so, then they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and everything that I ever thought of timeshares sales people, mgt and the like, has been validated.
    Personally, I think the Sherif needs to appologize to all those landlords whom have been taken advantage of because the Beaufort County system. And the Magistrate should be fired. As the Mckelveys, they are now both in jail. No thanks to the Sherif mind you, who is probably taking all the credit. But rather to the most stupid bank robbery get-away that i have ever heard of, but also to the citizens that had to beg the police to over the known residence of Fugitive Kathryn McKelvey and arrest her. This is another story however.

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    TS King

    Back in March Westgate auctioned off its remaining inventory in the Lodge at Westgate Park City in The Canyons, Utah, I think around 44 condo units. Mark Waltrip said it wasn’t a monetary thing for Westgate, they just wanted to move the inventory off their books (yeah right). I think the minimum bids were set at around 55% of current asking price. Maybe that went so well that they were encouraged to go the auction route on a bigger scale, only this time they admitted they need the cash. Is that rusting hulk of an unfinished mansion he’s been building in Windermere on the auction block?

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