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    Yeah there’s still roadkill on the books at some resorts but its all relative in’t it? The lines have been cut pretty much to the bone where I work and they are segregated to the extent that inhouse is seperate from the cold line and there’s only one cold line instead of 2, but for the cold line at least there’s still to many reps for the # of tours we’re getting so naturally reps who were middle of the road writers before the meltdown are now considered bottom feeders.

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    Don’t forget though, that the company that makes these statements about the industry (Claims Directive) was set up by a former Anfi employee!!! Would this not make you think twice about the content of the press release?

    And the company has links to a holiday club. What do the authorities think of holiday clubs? Mike Haley, until recently Director of Consumer Protection at the OFT, said “In my experience and the experience of the OFT after 8 years, we have not come across a single one that is not a bogus holiday club”

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      The content of the press release seemed a little over the top to me but RDO’s response was really lame. First they raved about how robust the ts industry is, which we all know is a lie right now, then they gave one paragraph disputing that there are 200 “live cases” (how the hell would they know what might be in the pipeline?), that Anfi won 1 of the lawsuits on appeal (the plaintiffs solicitors failed to show up at the appeal so Anfi won by default and the other two are still being appealed), and that Anfi didn’t have to pay double like Claims Directive said. Then they completely changed the subject by attacking Claims Directive using rumor and innuendo without verifiable facts, and finished with a diatribe against holiday clubs. WTF???????

      RDO represents developers like Anfi, they depend on such for their funding, I hardly think they’re an unbiased source for information. While RDO goes after the holiday clubs (and they should!) why don’t they ever do anything against the shady sales tactics of the developers???? Whether or not the Claims Directive bloke used to work for Anfi is irrelevant in my opinion, just a slight of hand to draw attention away from the fact that a court of law found against them, that they might in fact have broken the law!!!


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