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    Welcome back to the Hackmans! I didn’t think you could stay away forever, hahaha… Maybe now we’ll get some action going again!

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    TS King

    Personally I prefer IC status even tho it has some serious drawbacks like having no recourse through labor laws and such, but if your responsible with your money and keep good records there are advantages that I like. Woody is right tho that it’s coming to an end. In California I think all the major ts companies have already gone to employee status, draw against commission and such, Marriott for example did that a few years ago when they saw the writing on the wall to stave off future lawsuits. Like it or not, that’s the direction we’re moving in. Young people coming into the biz today don’t have any idea about how much fun it was to sell ts in the old wild and wooly days, what an absolute kick in the ass it was to go to work every day.

    But employee status will help stop some of the abuses we’ve had to swallow from developers over the years, and eventually the whole reserve funds issue will be history too. That would be a good thing, I know I personally have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years that way to those crooks!

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    There’s a “timeshare-beat” online I saw a couple months ago, not very good IMO. Is that associated with the Hackmans or the Gate?

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      Nope, no association at all. That’s straight from the horse’s mouth: no current website using that name is associated with either the Hackmans or The Gate. But thanks for askin’. :-)

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