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    Dr. Feelgood...

    Could not agree more Scoop. T/S hiring practices need to be brought into the 21st century indeed.

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    I don’t know about the 21st Century thing but I do know that I interviewed last week with a gal about 21 years old (maybe younger) and between her chewing gum and trying to tell me about this business I longed for the days when the sales manager was responsible for filling the line. Oh, and I didn’t get the job and I have a great record! Go figure!!!!

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    The article about recent recruiting practices could not be more correct. The mass of “recruiters’ out there are virtually worthless. imagine thata. The biggest problem is that the senior leaders have gotten lazy and dont want the competition or really care about recruiting talent

    I voluntarily left a company running sites recently and I have been trying to set up interviews for a senior management position….what an unbelievable fiasco out there right now. Organizations and leaders have gotten lazy and are not checking their ‘senior’ people who are not even returning calls…and worse outsourcing initial interviews for senior management positions…excuse me?? Then the recruiters you ARE talking to are not the decision makers and in most cases not even in sales..now or ever..and THESE are the people that are then trying to sell you to the sales side on your qualifications..wow!!! The process in place everywhere seems to be how do we weed out and NOT hire senior management instead of how can we recruit the best of the best!!

    The senior management of all the major companies better wake up and smell the roses before other senior executives looking for work.. who have been either snubbed or impeded by 21 yr olds making career stopping decisions..start taking matters into their own hands and calling board members with examples of this obvious blind eye and lack of leadership to hold the organization accountable.

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    Karl E

    And you better add age discrimination into the mix as well.

    I have been on a couple interviews and the norm, if you get an interview, is to sit in front of someone wet behind the ears who has the responsibility of hiring producers and if you’re in your 40-50’s they act and treat you as if you are way over the hill and completely useless.

    It doesn’t even matter that you have strong STATS and track record; having written millions of dollars in clean business.

    I went on an interview the other day and the gal really should be working at the DMV because that is the ONLY job she should ever have in her life!

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