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    it doesn’t mention the cost of the offer sold by Smart Circle, but if I read this right, these guys have found a way to deliver a travel club membership at a justifiable cost – instead of thousands of dollars; probably a lot less complaints this way – very creative.

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    Endless possibilities to mass market. This could really shake up the travel club platform. All of the key players involved have great reputations and expertise in the field. If the product is as user friendly as stated, this has really solved the current value proposition within the industry.
    Have to take my hats off to the team at ICE and Trident.

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    seller of travel

    heard rci and ice put a lot of resources into this project. maybe this will be a REAL travel and vacation club with real booking technology, inventory and cruises behind it. not like all the other travel clubs that don’t really control any inventory and don’t let you book something on-line. how do i find out how I can help sell this? anyone?

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    thinktank has a point – i”ll bet those guys are testing this with Smart Circle – I’ve seen those guys mass selling things in Sams Clubs – ingenious; then they’ll bring it to market; things suck out here since developers can’t get good financing and the industry is down by about 50%; I’m in!!

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    I heard that its taken Trident most of 2010 to get this started. knowing the men over there in that camp, if they had that type of development time this thing has peaked my interest in seeing just what it is.

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    I think leisureforum, topproducer, seller of travel and vacation thinktank are all the same person pushing the hell out of that product/program. Personal agenda going on there? He must think we’re stooopid, lol.

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    Sounds more like leading masses to water, but you can’t force them to drink and be enlightened. :)

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