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    Jim Faucett

    I will believe that Charlie Sheen is normal, that Elton John is straight, that the Holocaust never happened, that the moon landing was really filmed in a warehouse, that Donald Trump’s hair looks natural, that Lady Gaga is a born-again Christian, that there are huge alligators in the New York City sewers before I believe that Wyndham Worldwide is one of the world’s most ethical companies. If they’re so damn ethical, why does Wyndham Vacation Ownership have such a stellar rating with the BBB? Almost a thousand complaints in three years has earned them an “F” and they’ve held that status for at least two years. They don’t even qualify to join the BBB with that rating. I’ve just heard from a timeshare owner in Wisconsin who had one of the world’s most ethical company’s sales representatives forge her income on a credit card application. What planet is the Ethisphere Institute on?

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    blue jeans

    I work for wyndham – and i am sorry to say – that wyndham is probably the most unethical company that I have ever worked for. The amount of lies that clients tell me that they have been told by sales people from other offices is really embarressing. To tell you the truth I am surprised that they are still in business. Also we are trained these lies from managers to tell the clients. So maybe the Ethisphere Institute did not do its homework!

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    This is either a parody site or Wyndham paid you to write this blatantly-false garbage. Wyndham is the most unethical and corrupt company I have ever dealt with. A quick Google would have led you to the same conclusion. Oh, wait http://lmgtfy.com/?q=wyndham+unethical

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      This is what is known as a press release, noob. A company writes a press release and sends it to various media outlets. If such media outlets use it at all they often use just parts of it or rearrange things and pretend they wrote it themselves. Inside the Gate generally publishes it as is, clearly stating at the end that the SOURCE is whatever company wrote it– just so folks like yourself know where the info came from. We neither pretend to have written it ourselves, nor do we make editorial comment on it. We think you should be able to consider the source for yourself and judge accordingly.

      Our blogger did in fact reference this PR and make an editorial comment about it in The GateHouse blog at https://www.insidethegate.com/gatehouse/2011/03/eastern-usa-march-19-2011/ You might want to check that out, along with other editorial comments about Wyndham Vacation Ownership in our blog.

      All of which is to say that perhaps you should be more careful about passing judgement before you know what you’re talking about. Thanks for writing.

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