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    Owners can rent out their Fractional on or they can have luxury vacation rental professional manage their property like In my experience owners may rent there fractional faster on VRBO, but most always end up undercutting the price or encountering amateur rental mishaps. Companies screen renters, get owners top dollar, and eliminate work for the owner.

    What I’m trying to say is the T-Pitch is not completely irrelevant. If new owners are provided the right resources they might actually be able to do some of “Da Line” items. :-)

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      On Da Line

      You’re talking fractional, morning meeting is talking regular timeshare, there’s a world of difference. Are you saying there are sales reps for luxury fractional using a T-pitch? That would be astonishing.

      Your right about new owners being provided the right resources tho, and developers should have thought about that decades ago. But they were and mostly still are thinking in the short term, and that’s really screwed up the long term in a big way for everyone IMO.

      BTW, I don’t suppose your associated with Travelenvogue, hmmm?

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