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    Commercial Upholstery Services

    For Dan Lubner:
    This is Dan Roy from Commercial Upholstery Services. I have nothing less than total respect for you and your family. It is great to see you getting up from a fall and going forward. I believe with all my heart that you will succeed and I am behind you 100%. Sometimes life happens, hard knocks are taken, and success can emerge once again when you have the right attitude.
    We go back with Robb and Stucky since 1980, and our hearts, along with many others, were hurting for you when this whole thing happened. Surely, you have been through the fire, and just as surely as fire tempers steel, you will bounce back stronger than ever.


    Dan Roy

    THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN EDITED BY INSIDE THE GATE. Sorry Mr. Roy, we don't allow free ads of any kind here. If you would like to contact Dan Lubner personally you can do so at http://www.lubnergroup.com/contact_us.php

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