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    It is a hopeful sign that an article such as this is published. The development of the Timeshare Resource Resale Center is hopeful as well, belated as it is. As a longtime owner, I see them both, along with a number of other published discussions of the miasma that the secondary market has become, as signals of an industry only barely willing to look at itself honestly at last in the mirror. Mr. McKelvey’s claim that “Leaders in our industry…..have tirelessly worked together to develop new business models for the secondary market as a way to address basic problems rather than treat symptoms” sounds hollow at best when we look at the length of time the basic problems have been symptom-producing. It has taken a near global financial disaster with its continuing echoes to get the attention of those leaders. The timeshare industry must needs re-examine its essential structure and assumptions, pay real attention to the “basic problems”, succumb to that dreaded term “transparency” and accept its role in educating the timeshare owners and prospects. There is real sense in a re-framing of the relationships available in timesharing as a reasonable partnership that is mutually beneficial for the developer, manager, corporation, owner (whether first sale or resale). We can profit and benefit at all levels if that is accomplished.
    We are indebted to those who are willing to speak out and those who hear and respond.

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