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    Really? Anyone can sell timeshare when they feel good? WRONG on so many counts.

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    Ha! Maybe that’s a good training lesson on why you shouldn’t even bother to come to work if you “have a headache”! or hope to god your boss doesn’t have one!!! That was pretty rough!!! 😛 😛 😛

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    Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry but that “YOU OUGHT TO BE SLAUGHTERED” was just to much and totally uncalled for!

    When I read “SLAUGHTERED” my gut feeling is that is what she tells developers in order to get a training gig!

    I wonder how long it has been since Shari sold a deal at the tables anyway; and has she had any recent experence since the advent of the Internet, the resale market and so on or is she just calling for reps being “SLAUGHTERED” based on the way it was ‘back in her day’?

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    I think people are over-reacting to this. She is clearly doing shtick–quite badly, I grant you–but it’s not really as offensive as some of you are making it sound.

    You can say all you want about her length of time away from sales tables, but I still believe her training materials are very very helpful. Yes, even in this age of resale inventory and the obvious downward spiral of the industry.

    I believe her mistake may have been in trying to do a Video segment at all when she didn’t have anything new to say.

    Finally, if you take one thing away from this, make it be “Don’t take shortcuts.” It wasn’t new, but it’s always relevant.

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    The sales presentation is everything and Miss Shari should know that!

    It is like her other video mentioned here (“Words (do) Matter”); and they always do (matter) but to tell us we should all be “SLAUGHTERED” is pretty telling.

    And speaking of words “matter(ing)”; could you imagine taking the same attitude and approach Miss Shari does with “I have a headache” and apply that sales technique and approach with our sales guests?

    I don’t think people posting here are over-reacting.

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      Ellen–your post is an example of the over-reacting I perceive.

      Of course she isn’t suggesting any of us “apply that sales technique and approach with our sales guests.” She was simply using her version of drama to make a point.

      The most ironic part of this is that a huge number of timeshare consumers would gladly see us “slaughtered” these days.

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    She is loud, obnoxious, overpaid, yes some of her material works however find the pearl in all the crap is tough. Finally, she’s a bitch too.

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    Mickster; I can only say one thing in response to your post.


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    You’ve raised the hackles of every female in the biz, Mickster, with the use of the word “bitch”. Right off the top of my head I can think of at least a dozen men in this industry who fit your description of Shari but there’s no corresponding word like “bitch” to label them. Most of them are in some kind of management, isn’t that special….. My point is your comment has taken this thread unnecessarily personal IMO. My other point is we need to find a word that resonates like “bitch” to call out men who share the personality traits you listed. Then see how you men like the label when it’s applied by women to describe you.

    1. 8.1

      Jim Faucett

      “I can think of at least a dozen men in this industry who fit your description of Shari but there’s no corresponding word like “bitch” to label them.”

      Think really hard.

      How about “sonofabitch?”

      1. 8.1.1


        “sonofabitch” is just saying someone’s mother is a bitch so your still calling a woman a bitch. How about “rat bastards” or simply “pricks”?

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    “Bitch” or the son/daughter of one; what comes to mind is “a rose is still a rose…” and in the biz we have no shortage of roses!

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