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    GREAT rant. I will say though that some companies do use the ARDA logo (along with the RCI logo, the II logo and the CRDA logo) without being members of ARDA.

    I’d also add the vacation and travel clubs are expressly anti-timeshare…there seems to be a growing number of these companies represented at various timeshare conventions.

    Time to regroup people…remember what timesharing is all about, be proud of it and get back to basics.

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    You should be paranoid Scoop because I’m one of those keeping my eye on you (LOL)!

    As for ARDA; I agree that they’ll let just about any company or person become a member.

    And Lisa is right too!

    There are companies that use the ARDA Logo without their permission. I know ARDA posts the names of those companies somewhere on their website but I don’t know if they actually do anything about it!

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    The sad reality is that ARDA’s membership base is down almost 40% in the last 5 years. This is due to the severe contraction of all ancillary businesses related to all things T/S down to peripheral suppliers. This has obviously caused ARDA to relax whatever “standards” it may have had for membership. You are correct in your analysis and assertion that there ARE in fact many companies who’s mission would seem to fly in the face of the missions of the key membership base…I.E. resort developers.

    However it would be extremely disingenuous at best, and highly discriminatory at worst (not to mention detrimental to ARDA’s financial health) for ARDA to disallow non-traditional non-developers such as licensed and legitimate resale and travel club fulfillment companies to gain membership and therefore reap (whatever) benefits may come with said membership. The sad reality is that ARDA has NEVER lived up to its true potential in providing a consistent voice to promote our great industry. All one need do is to walk through the annual ARDA love-fest EXPO and see that what used to take a couple of hours to peruse, can now be seen in around 30 minutes. Our beloved business is changing dramatically and these changes while problematic to retail developers are forever! We must all adapt or die.

    As always…Godspeed to all who are in the arena every day! ~ Publious

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