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    Well this officially ENDS David Siegel’s presence on the LV Strip! The Westgate name did NOT appear for very long on the Strip. He has NOT sold anything from the tower in over a year. He was CLEARLY NOT ready for prime time in Las Vegas, and should have stuck with his project on Flamingo Road. I worked there several years back when Mr. Parker had it producing about $70M per year. What a run we all had there. It was NEVER the same after he left…everyone knows it. Richard (David’s Son, ran it INTO the ground).

    Good luck HGVC…what a building! ~ Publious

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    Holy Turkey Batman!

    Did Mr. Parker do “it” all by his lonesome self?

    That was a rhetorical question (LOL).

    I never worked at WG but I do know Vegas and if they (WG) were selling $70 Million per year in Vegas then that kind of implies that WG and Siegel was ready for “prime time” and that maybe the super recession (I think it was a depression) of 2008-2012 had something do with this RFA deal.

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