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    Merry Christmas All!

    Well I guess a $1,000 is better than a poke in the eye.

    I was offered a deal in Ohio earlier this year with the Erie Island Resort in Port Clinton and they wouldn’t even pay or reimburse my gas expense to drive there from Vegas.

    I got the old trust us and that they always take care of their people BS!

    Can you image that in this era? And especially trying that crap on a seasoned pro?

    Plus the points they paid were on the low end and no set spiff program or production bonus either.

    Hell, I should have taken them up on it and then sued the pants off them if they burned me when I arrived and which is likely what would have happened with those high-rollers!

    I would have had to also sell my home (in this market) or rent it out, then take about 6 days (and nights) driving there. Add to that hotel expenses, food etc. and the whole trip for my wife and I would have been several thousand dollars out of pocket cash upfront expense; oh, and then we’d be in Tropical Ohio freezing our buns off (LOL)!

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    It is sad but true and this is the way it has been forever!

    I once took on a deal, was told I’d be paid back for my airfare to move and wrongly assumed that when I was offered housing it would be somewhat decent.

    End results. No pay back on the airfare and believe it or not I was slammed into one of those 1960’s style trailers that slept two and was about 150 sq. Ft.

    I’ll also never forget back in the 90’s when a small time developer had to cut me a commission check for $10-K.

    His hand was literally shaking while I was in his office and he actually said “I don’t know what you did to earn this but I guess I have no choice but to pay you.”

    And that is the problem. Most of them don’t know what we do, how we do it and all they see or care about are the numbers and then look for ways to cut our commissions.

    Not all developers are that way and there are some great ones to work with and we make a damn good living with them because they do get it and they know what they are doing.

    But then there are the others and the first sign of a developer that should be avoided are those who pay low points, no SPIFFS, no Bonuses and literally have us haul the ‘trash’ believing that an UP is an UP.

    And if they won’t cover the actual tax deductible standard business expenses of relocation (anywhere) then my advise is to run and never look back because in the end, one way or the other, you’ll likely get screwed!

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