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    Scoop, I have to agree with your assessment and I believe the greed in this industry is the main reason for the decline we see industry wide. In 1998 I was started at 8% commission UPTO 19% for 100K in volume plus benefits from day one with 90 days paid weekly at $350 plus gym membership plus lunch plus beverages plus dinners by the PD and Sales Director plus an understanding that in the resort industry an extroverted salesmen might need a day or two off each week to recover from late night libations with peers, new owners or whatever might the case be.
    Today what I see is a misunderstanding of what it takes to create a positive work environment for a direct sales position. I cant tell you how many time I have scene PD’s approve of liners commissions being given to TO’s, monthly reports missing sales so that a rep misses bonus, etc…
    Corporate America has ruined a once great sales position and in my opinion this is the direct cause of the rise of the Travel Club “schemes” that so many articles and scam reports are being written about today.
    A man has to be paid for the work he does!

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    Good perspective Scoop. Looking forward to Part II; and I also agree with Timedog1’s take as well!

    I love this business because I truly love what we sell and provide families.

    In fact, I can’t imagine selling anything but TS and that is not just because I’ve been successful but because I still believe in what we have to offer vacationers.

    But this “Race to the Bottom” **** is happening everywhere and there are just to many developers that no longer pay out performance bonuses for hitting and maintaining a high VPG, selling special (close-out) inventory that needs to be moved or for being the number one Top Gun on the sales line.

    It has become so bad that if the sales floor is humming along at a net 18% closing ratio and I (which I do) am in there YTD at 33.4% all I earn (extra) is an Attaboy and sometimes instead of that I’m asked what kind of heat I’m pitching by our clueless PD?

    I’ll stay in the biz however because as I said I love selling TS.

    But, a monetary point in time seems to be heading down the tracks like a run away train and in time I too and like so many others may be forced to move on.

    I hope that doesn’t happen but at the end of the day, income needs will trump all!

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    The Closer

    They can keep the salary. What developers need to do is pay us a flat 25% on every dollar we turn in and if they provide full benefits that are comparable to a Federal or State employee then they should pay us a flat 20%.

    But, they should also let us pack the deal too.

    There is no set in stone price for Timeshares and the market will pay what they are sold!

    Developers of course don’t know that because 99.1% have never been in F2F B2C sales.

    With a pack we can split that with the house. 80% for the reps and 20% to the house.

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    This is all due to being a segmented industry and companies.

    ARDA, pretty much, could care less about sales reps but they don’t count anyway.

    Almost all developers and many Executive management have never sold, as pointed out, anything at the face to face and business to consumer level so they are pretty much clueless.

    Most marketing company’s owners, their staffs (phone rooms…); and the DOM and OPC’s working for developers are the same (never sold a week); and they too are mostly clueless.

    And the reps, too, are in a separate boat.

    But that boat is where it all comes together and makes or breaks all other efforts yet the reps are always subject to the whims of the clueless. And that includes the Attorney’s and Accounts.

    When any business model is as fragmented as our is there are surely going to be problems and that has always been the case in our industry.

    Harmony and unity is what is needed and then it would be a race to the top!

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    Wild Bill

    Ditto to everything said so far; but there are some great developers and I work with one.

    But I have friends all over the place; USA, Canada and Mexico.

    So I would add that the quality of the sale guests has not improved even in spite of what happened with the economy!

    Reps are still required to take CT’s (most don’t buy)!

    Reps are still required to take tours who never vacation; or do weekend escapes!

    Reps are still required to take tours who are maxed out to the limit!

    Reps are still required to take tours between the ages of 25 and 35!

    I.E. Reps are still required to take (or be fired if they refuse) out right NQ’s.

    Is it any wonder that the closing ratio’s are dismal at most tracks and that race to the bottom is increasing rapidly?

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    And the fry cook and dishwasher get meals too (LMAO)!

    But you are correct about how things have become.

    Years ago I worked in Cabo and one day when we showed up for the morning sales meeting we had a new manager and were told the former manager was let go for several reasons including that he pocketed SPIFFS that had been earmarked for sales.

    The SPIFFS, we were told and depending on the deal sold, ranged from 1/2 a point to 1% and there was inventory that had a couple extra hundred bucks on each week sold if it was a cash deal.

    The manager was pocketing, we were told, about $5-G per month on top of his over-ride, housing, car and a bunch of other perks.

    After the new manager took over we still never did get any SPIFFS and the extra commissions on all cash deals (special inventory) was never happened either; which makes me really doubt if the former Manager was pocketing them and if instead the money went to the PD or?

    It use to be everywhere that closers and liners were treated pretty good when it came to commissions, SPIFFS, bonuses including Rolex’s, cars, vacations etc. but those days are a faint memory!

    If anyone knows about a deal out here that rocks and rolls; let us know!

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    Yes, I also miss the good old days of big paychecks and spiffs. I was out of the business for several years and did Real Estate instead.
    When houses stopped selling, went back into timeshare (we are all so lucky to have a skill like this) returned to being a top producer. My earnings are 1/3 of the “old days” at a Timeshare track that is selling well.
    The developers of Timeshare will have to pay more as good closers leave for good paychecks back in Real Estate or other sales. The future is brighter and we all have a killer skill set.
    If you pay peanuts – you get monkeys!

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