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    Master Closer


    Very good; but all to often true about so many I’ve run into over the years.

    “Let it roll, baby, roll”


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    Ah… so very well said as always Scoop Foxworthy. You are wise beyond your years sir!

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    If I had a $1,000 for every incompetent loser who kissed his or her a** up the chain of power in this business I would be sitting on enough money to start my own project; we’ll at least (have) the front money (and time) required to do so.

    As for me I don’t’ believe in the people’s Heaven (or Hell) so when I leave the auditorium that is the end of it all; but unlike most so called believers I can be a good honest hard working person etc. without doing so on a roll of the dice for a reward hereafter.

    Most people, I believe, at their core are that way (good people) anyway.

    It’s the power grabbing and greedy types who actually make it hard on the rest of us; and in case you are wondering I’m in the top 5% producing closers where I work.

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