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    The “The Ultimate Exit Strategy” that you write about is outstanding!

    It would also kill the resale deal because regardless of the big crash on real estate prices recently well maintained properties have historically held their value and over time increase in value a couple percent each year.

    I also like the short term approach as well.

    Let’s face it. Some people won’t be wanting to pass anything along to their kids.

    Some people will only take a few vacations over a 5-10 year period.

    Some people, no, a lot of people who become buyers and get home and start crunching those annual fees etc. over a 20 or 30 year period of time get the big shock (and cost) of their lives and cancel.

    Short term products and your exit strategy gets my vote!

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    If developers put a real cap on AMF’s that would would be a great selling tool.

    Add that to the short term and exit plan and then we could sell each share for a lot more money!

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